NFL Draft 2003

It's that time of year again. Hundreds and hundreds of the best college players this beautiful country has to offer will be selected by any of the 32 teams the NFL has to offer. For some, it's a dream turned into reality. For others, it'll be the most nerve-wrecking weekend in their lives. Yet for every one of us diehard Jets Fans, it's that time of year where we bring in players who can contribute to our Jets come next Season and be the building blocks for the teams future success. <P>

Our main concern going into this years NFL Draft is Defense. This year, the Jets have 9 overall picks. The exact number they pick in each of the 7 Rounds are as follows:

Round 1 - #13

Round 1 - #22

Round 2 - #53

Round 3 - #85

Round 4 - #116

Round 5 - #140

Round 5 - #153

Round 6 - #189

Round 7 - #237

As you can see, the Jets have two Draft Picks in the first round, #13 & #22. Honestly, the Jets should first draft the best LB available with their #13 and then the best DT available with their #22. I say that because as of right now, we have starting LB's in Sam Cowart, Mo Lewis, and Marvin Jones and we need an upgrade. Cowart should be here for the long haul but as far as Lewis and Jones go, they're getting into their last few years as starters. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked Lewis and Jones but they're aging, and we need to upgrade our LB corps with a top-notch LB through the Draft. One guy I'd like (and hope) the Jets draft is LB Boss Bailey (Georgia). I figure the best thing to do would be for the Jets to do some kind of rotation between Lewis/Jones/LB drafted in, which would definitely upgrade our LB situation. I still believe Lewis and Jones can get the job done and shouldn't be cut or benched 100% of the time, we just need to have a platoon in set with our newly drafted LB.

With their #13 pick, I hope the Jets pick a DT since we need to also set up a rotation between DT Jason Ferguson, DT James Reed, DT Josh Evans, etc. We need to be able to stop the run, especially on the inside since even within our own division, our rivals all have decent RB's. We need to upgrade our DT situation with a guy like DT Johnathan Sullivan (Georgia); he would be the perfect fit and would definitely help us out on the inside.

In total, the Jets have 9 Draft Picks, which like I said, should mostly goto Defense. However, I can predict that towards the later rounds, I can see the Jets drafting in a WR, a RB/FB (to try and use as a KR), and maybe even a Kicker, but like I said, it's all a big possibility. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Jets do this since they might just want to draft some guys on Offense just for depth.

Lots of rumors have been circulating that involve the Jets packaging both First Round Draft Picks to get into the top 10 or even top 5 to draft in a WR (such as WR Andre Johnson [Miami]). I believe it's all a smokescreen to just be able to land a top quality LB or DT, you can't give away all your moves/secrets a week before the Draft. That's pretty much why General Manager Terry Bradway has denied any and all interviews this week since it's not wise to mention your main direction in the draft. Bottom line is, don't believe everything you read since sometimes, people will say something just to throw others off (especially our rival teams).

It should definitely be a great weekend for all NFL Fans, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I will. Either way, look for Madison Square Garden to be a circus because I'm also pretty sure you'll see lots of teams trading, making deals involving picks/players, and just be a huge frenzy!

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