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After saying on April 17 that he wasn't interested in trading his two first round picks to move up, Jets GM Terry Bradway did just that on April 25. The Jets shipped the 13th and 22nd picks of the first round to Chicago for the 4th pick of the draft.

What gives?

"I don't want to make it seem like I misled anyone last week," said Bradway. "We had not done the board yet and talked strategy. When we lined the board up, the way the board came out, we felt there were a certain number of first round players. There were seven players we would consider as first rounders. The rest were in the 1st-2 round category. We felt there was a void from 13-20."?

But the Jets didn't make this trade targeting just one player. They didn't want to do that because if that player was picked before they selected, then they would be in a quandary "We wanted to make sure if we moved to four there were three players we would be happy taking at four," said Bradway. "We feel there are four players we would be happy taking at four."?

The four players the Jets are targeting are wide receivers Charles Rogers and Andre Johnson, along with cornerback Terence Newman and defensive tackle DeWayne Robertson.?

But the view from here is that if they don't get Kentucky DT Dewayne Robertson with this pick, this trade might not be deemed a success. "I talked to [Jets defensive line coach] Ruben (Carter) three or three weeks ago," said Robertson's agent Hadley Engelhard. "He said Dewayne is a great ball player and would fit their system perfectly."?

That might be an understatement. He is so perfect for the team it's scary. He is right out of Central Casting for the Jets three-technique tackle position. He a Warren Sapp-type athlete at 6-1, 324 pounds with 4.84 speed. He also has amazing strength bench, pressing 225 pounds 30 times.?

On top of all this, Robertson has a non-stop motor. This is something hard to find in 300-pound defensive linemen.?

''A guy like that with his kind of heart and a motor that doesn't stop, they're hard to find,'' said former Saints GM Randy Mueller.?

The only way Robertson is gone is if a team like Dallas or New England trades up, to two or three, to get him. Otherwise he should be there, and the Jets will jump on him. While he wouldn't start immediately for the Jets, he would serve an important role as a rookie. The Jets rotate their defensive tackles a lot, and he would give them a quality second-team tackle. He could take over as a starter from Josh Evans or Jason Ferguson in a year or two.?

If Robertson is gone, the Jets should turn to Newman, the best athlete in the draft. He would give them a starting cornerback that could take over for Aaron Beasley or Donnie Abraham in a year or two. In the mean-time he could play on passing downs and serve as the team's kick returner. He is the best kick returner in the draft.?

Rogers and Johnson wouldn't make as much sense. While they are both big-time talents, the Jets have Santana Moss, Wayne Chrebet and Curtis Conway as their top three receivers. While they need a big receiver like Rogers and Johnson, if they pick one of them this high, they would have glut at wideout, and a lot of unhappy receivers complaining about playing time. It could turn into an ugly, uncomfortable scene. You can't pick a receiver fourth in the draft and make him a 4th wideout who is a spot player.?

The Jets just have to keep their fingers crossed Robertson is there. If they can get him at four, this trade could turn out to be a great one. If they don't get him, it could turn out to be deal that maybe shouldn't have been made.

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