Should He Stay, Or Should He Go?

The Jets need to make sure they keep some of their key free agents in place, but which ones?

The Jets face some challenges once free agency rolls around at the end of the lockout…whenever that is.

Welcome to the second installment of "Should He Stay, Or Should He Go?" as the staff takes a look at the different free agents on the Jets and whether they should be with the team this next football season.

Next on the agenda, Jets fullback Tony Richardson. It would be hard to think of one bad thing to say about the veteran fullback, but at his age and with a second year fullback in the wings, it might be time for Richardson to move on.

The question now stands: Tony Richardson – Should He Stay, Or Should He Go?

Kristian R. Dyer: One of the good guys and class acts of the organization, but time has come for Tony Richardson to either retire or go for one last shot at that ring with another Super Bowl caliber team. Understudy John Conner had a chance to see how Richardson, a pros pro, went to work every day. And now it is time for Connor to assume that role with the Jets as their starting fullback.

Dan Feuerstein: Tons of experience as a veteran, but sadly his age is what's going to force him out. John Conner is young and hits harder to help the offense. Hopefully will stay and become a coach for the Jets if he decides to retire.

Denis Gorman: The most respected Jet. But it is hard to see an on-field role for Richardson, especially when considering the presence of second-year fullback John Conner. Richardson would make a good addition to Rex Ryan's coaching staff.

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