A conversation with DE Matthew Walters

Jets Confidential sat down with the fifth round pick...

Q. How does it feel to be a Jet, and where are you going to play on the Jets line?

WALTERS: I don't know. I think a little bit of defensive end and defensive tackle. We will figure all that out through mini camp and training camp.

Q. What was the rotation like with so many great defensive linemen at Miami?

WALTERS: We really only played about a half a game apiece. We would go two to three series then take two to three series off. It was up to us. It wasn't up to the coach. It was up to the individual players and we subbed each other in and out.

Q. So you are pretty fresh for the NFL? You are not worn out?

WALTERS: Yes. My legs are fresh (laughing). That's good.

Q. What was it like playing with so many great players?

WALTERS: It was a lot of fun. It is nice having those guys lined up next to you knowing they can make a lot of plays too. It takes a little pressure off you and you can just go out there and have fun.

Q. Is it a big thing to come to New York?

WALTERS: I think it is great. I have been down near Miami for five years and I'm not a big Dolphins fan. I have seen the Jets game and it is always like a big rivalry down here. I think the organization is great and I'm looking forward to coming up there.

Q. So you weren't a big Dolphins' fan.

WALTERS: I was not. I have lived in Florida my whole life and I have never been a Dolphins' fan. I have always rooted against them.

Q. Why was that?

WALTERS: Everyone is a Dolphin fan in Florida. I don't know. I always go against the grain.

Q. Who were you a fan of?

WALTERS: I was actually a fan of the Minnesota Vikings growing up. Lately I really haven't have a favorite team in the NFL.

Q. You're pretty strong. Is that accurate?

WALTERS: Yeah. I guess you could say so. I'm one of the strongest guys on the team down here.

Q. Any examples of you lifting incredible amounts?

WALTERS: No. I don't do that. I am tops on the team in almost every lift. I'm one of the top guys on the team if not the top guy on all the lifts.

Q. Who is your agent?

WALTERS: Drew Rosenhaus.

Q. Where did you think you were going to play in the NFL as far as a position through the draft process and workouts?

WALTERS: Defensive end. Almost every team that contacted me and I talked to wanted me to play defensive end.

Q. Having played tackle is this going to be an easy move for you?

WALTERS: I think it will be an easy transition. We had a lot of injuries at Miami throughout the years and almost half the season I practiced at defensive end just in case. Most of the time I practiced defensive end during the week and played tackle on Saturday. It won't be a big deal. I'm used to the position already.

Q. What do you think about facing Willis McGahee twice a year?

WALTERS: He knows I can tackle him. He has felt me tackle him a lot of times.

Q. Are you still smarting after the Ohio State game?

WALTERS: I'm over that. I wasn't happy that we lost. It was a good game. You can't sit back and worry about something you can't change.

Q. You had a pretty difficult major in college - mechanical engineering. Are you still interested in pursuing it or have you put it on the back burner for a while?

WALTERS: I'm looking forward to not going to class. I have spent many nights without sleep through my college career. I'm looking forward to just being able to focus on playing football.

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