A conversation with Dave Yovanovits

JC sat down with the recent draft pick <BR><BR>

Q)What are your strengths?

Yovanovits: I think my main strength is my work ethic and I am very coachable. I always want to get better. I work real hard and I'm easy to get along with. I always play to the whistle.

Q)You were a tackle in college, but the Jets want you to play guard. Have you ever played guard before?

Yovanovits: No, not really. I played it in practice, but not in games. I played tackle in school, but they want me to play guard and I can't wait to do it.

Q)What were your expectations coming into the draft?

Yovanovits: My agent was saying that I had a good chance of going in the late sixth round or seventh round or as free agent at the very least. I was kind of expecting free agency. I kind of expected to go as a free agent the whole time. This is a nice surprise for me.

Q)Were you invited to the combine?

Yovanovits: No, I was not.

Q)Who from the Jets worked you out, if anyone?

Yovanovits: I never got worked out. I spoke to the trainer. He wanted me to take a physical for him, but I didn't workout for their coaches.

Q)Do you know why you were not in the draft books at all?

Yovanovits: I'm not sure, but maybe they did not like my film when I was a junior. I really don't know. I wasn't highly scouted at all, but I guess I've got to prove them wrong.

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