Smith move could turn out to be a good one

The Jets made a move that could turn out to be a very smart decision - signing former Dolphin tackle Brent Smith.<p> The team was in dire need of a veteran swing tackle, and Smith could be just what they need. Over his six-year career in Miami, he has started at both right and left tackle.<p>

The Jets didn't feel comfortable going into training camp, and the season, with inexperienced backups. Before signing Brent Smith, the only backup tackles the Jets had on the roster were devoid of experience. Chris Smith, who is currently playing in NFL Europe, was a tight end in college and has never played in a NFL regular season. The Jets have some promising rookies in camp like Willie Ofenheusle and Bobbie Brandt, but remember they are undrafted free agents, so obviously they are good, but not great prospects.

In Brent Smith, the Jets have a player they can trust in a starting role, if Jason Fabini or Kareem McKenzie get hurt. But the big question with Brent Smith is about his health. Over the course of 2001 and 2002, he blew out both knees. Many players don't come back from this scenario, but the Jets doctors have cleared Smith.

After Richmond Webb left the Dolphins in 2001, Brent Smith was slated to replace him at left tackle. Unfortunately for the Mississippi native, he sustained one of his two knee injuries. But the mere fact that the Dolphins viewed him as a starting left tackle, says a lot what a good athlete Brent Smith is. His first two years in college, he played defensive end for Mississippi State.

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