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In a somewhat surprising move, the Jets released quarterback Todd Husek. So what went into that decision . . .

While there is a good chance Husek might have been a training camp cut, it was expected he would at least make it to camp. True the Jets drafted Wisconsin quarterback Brooks Bollinger in the sixth round, but obviously he is an unproven NFL commodity. Also, the Jets could suffer a quarterback injury in camp, so why not just keep Husek around for insurance?

Well Bollinger was so impressive in minicamp camp, he clearly has the third string job locked up. On top of that Husek, didn't have a very good camp. While neither Bollinger or Husek has a powerful arm, Bollinger's looks stronger. Also Bollinger is a better athlete. In fact, Bollinger is such a good athlete, the Jets might consider using him on special teams. Remember in college, this guy had 26 rushing touchdowns. Pro Football Weekly's draft guide had a unique listing for Bollinger. He was listed under a category called "Quarterback-Athlete."

Another reason the Jets felt comfortable moving on from Husek is Bollinger seems to be a fast learner, and is picking up the system in a rapid fashion.

So the Jets figured why not give Husek a chance to hook on with another team instead of stringing him along. Let's be honest, he had virtually no chance of beating out Bollinger for the third string job. Eventually the Jets think, Bollinger will take over for Vinny Testaverde as the primary backup. Paul Hackett is a huge fan of Bollinger who he views as a perfect fit for the West Coast offense.

Most teams bring four quarterbacks to camp. The Jets have that fourth spot covered with Marquel Blackwell. He is a rookie free agent from the University of South Florida, who Herman Edwards knows a lot about because his son was a receiver for the Bulls last year. Blackwell is under sized at 5-11, but he has a tremendous arm and is a great athlete.

Husek could hook up with a team like Denver. The Broncos really like him. Remember the Jets signed him off Denver's practice squad.

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