A conversation with Ted Cottrell

The Jets defensive coordinator still ecstatic about adding Robertson

Q)What was the reaction in the warroom after you guys picked Dewayne Robertson?

Cottrell: Yelling and screaming. Jumping up and down. I was kind of excited. We were high-fiving.

Q)What do you expect from him?

Cottrell: We're not going to put a lot of expectations on him. He needs to be the best player he can be, and if he does that he will be a good addition to our defense. Because what we have seen on tape, he is a hard working, hustling, quick, explosive player. Matter of fact, he is a pretty good pass rusher. The guy has fantastic hip flexibility. He's got a variety of moves. I like him because he cannot only play the inside, he can be a nose, so he's over the center. So there's a lot of things he can do.

Q)Do you expect him to play a lot immediately?

Cottrell: He is going right away into the fire. We didn't go through all of this to bring him on slowly. He's going to be in there immediately, playing. We moved up to that spot and anytime you move up that high, you need to get a player who's going to come in and play a lot for you. There is too much invested in it

Q)What do you think of the comparisons to Warren Sapp?

Cottrell: Don't do that with him. I like Dewayne. He is pretty darn good and you see him making plays and going hard. He's playing without his helmet on. I don't know if you saw the highlight film. That's the player we've seen. He's an explosive guy, jumping over people. If he can do that and he will be pretty good.

Q)What does this do for Josh Evans?

Cottrell: It makes all of them better. [Dewayne] has got to make his way into the rotation like all of those guys. We were playing pretty well at the end of the year. We hope to continue to step it up from there.

Q)So Josh doesn't necessarily become a backup?

Cottrell: Josh is not a backup. In fact he is one of our best defensive players. No one is losing a starting spot. Dewayne plays right into the rotation. You know how we rotate guys through and he will be right in there playing a lot of football. He's going to be playing right away.

Q)What impact does Dewayne have on the overall defense? Cottrell: It makes the whole defense better. He's going to help John and Shawn on the outside rushing the passer because we have guys to push the pocket, and draw attention. It will be very hard to block [Dewayne] one on one, and it will take some of the attention off of John, freeing John up a little more. It is going to help us in that regard.

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