- Dewayne Robertson on Warren Sapp

"> - Dewayne Robertson on Warren Sapp


A conversation with Dewayne Robertson

"If I have to watch his films just to get me going and get technique, that's what I'll do. I just like his attitude for the game." <p> - Dewayne Robertson on Warren Sapp <BR><BR>

Q)What are your thoughts on playing in New York?

Robertson: It will be a great experience. I've never been to a big city like this. I think it will be a great opportunity for me.

Q)Are you excited to come into this defense?

Robertson: Yeah, I heard a lot about this defense and I'm looking forward to playing it because of the style that (defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell) plays. It's like the Tampa Bay defense. That's the type of defense that I like – that aggressive defense.

Q)What was your reaction to the fan's reaction at the draft? It seemed favorable, and there has been a lot of booing over the years. What was your reaction to the passion they showed?

Robertson: It was great. I heard the stories that the fans might boo you if they don't like you. I guess they liked me because they went crazy when they called my name.

Q)What do you think your best attributes are?

Robertson: You might have a defensive lineman that can only pass rush or is just good at stopping the run. I believe I'm good at both of them. I just love the game.

Q)Do you think you can be an impact player as a rookie?

Robertson: Yeah. That's my goal. I love hitting my goals.

Q)What are your thoughts on comparisons to Warren Sapp?

Robertson: It's just an honor for anybody to compare me to a great player like Warren Sapp. I'm just humble and grateful that my name can be mentioned with his.

Q)When did those comparisons start?

Robertson: I think Tony Dungy mentioned that and got it started. I think it was a couple of weeks after I declared. That's when I first heard about it.

Q)Do you have a nickname?

Robertson: Dewayne. Big Dewayne. A lot of people called me by my old jersey number … six-three. I have a lot of nicknames.

Q)When you first declared for the draft, where did you really think you would be drafted?

Robertson: Mid second round. That was my worst-case scenario.

Q)What did you know about New York, and their interest in you in the draft?

Robertson: I didn't know too much about it. It was a shock for me because I never did really have a chance to sit down and talk with the coaches about coming up here.

Q)What are your first impressions of Herm Edwards?

Robertson: Great coach. The first thing he said to me was, ‘Was I ready to go get the quarterback?' And I said, ‘Yeah.' When a coach asks me something like that I think that's my type of coach.

Q)What do you like about Warren Sapp's game? Robertson: I just like his attitude for the game. I don't try to be a copycat of Warren Sapp. I'm just going to be Dewayne Robertson. If I have to watch his films just to get me going and get technique, that's what I'll do. I just like his attitude for the game.

Q)What was your best game in college?

Robertson: It would be the Florida game this past year. I had a sack and was all over the place the whole game. That and the LSU game.

Q)What does it do for your confidence when a team makes a big trade to get in a position to draft you?

Robertson: It does a lot. It also puts pressure on my shoulders. I know my expectations are going to be higher now because of what happened. But I'm just happy.

Q)What is it like to get triple-teamed at times in college?

Robertson: (Laughter) It (is not) easy. You get three guys that weigh at least 300 pounds, and that's like 900 pounds at one time on you. It's not easy.

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