Herman Edwards Guest Column on Dewayne Robertson

We plan on putting him over the guard and [having him] go knock the quarterback down. He will be in a rotation system. Obviously, you like to have a rotation system with your defensive linemen and he adds another strong guy inside for us. When you can keep those guys fresh you really enhance your defense.<BR><BR>

He plays very hard and that is important when you want to play this style of defense. Defensive linemen have to run to the football and that is what this guy does. It is not hard to figure out who he is and how he plays. All you have to do is turn on the tape and watch him run to the football and how active he is as a defensive lineman.

He will come in and have a role right away. As much as he can handle we will give him. He will create competition inside. That is the best thing you can do on your football team, bring in players that create competition. When you do that practice picks up, classroom picks up, everyone starts to focus when you bring young players in. That is good for your football team. (He has been compared to Warren Sapp). That's what people do in this league. They compare different players with different athletes of the past or the present. I think what he needs to do is just be Dewayne. That is all he has to do. Just come in here with energy, excitement, and passion. If he does that he is going to be fine. When you can build your defense in the middle, which is how most good defenses are built in the middle, you enhance your defense. The guy is a unique player, very unique. He is a very active and disruptive guy. He stays on his feet and chases the quarterback. He does all the things you ask a guy at that position to do. When you can get a guy like this it helps everyone on your defense. He is a guy we expect to come in here and help us on defense. We are going to work him at the three technique right now. That is not to say that he can't play nose tackle.

We have 3 players we feel that are very good players (at defensive tackle). When you have 3 guys like that are active inside its helps you tremendously of defense. Our defensive staff, our scouts, and everyone else said if we can move up to get his guy lets get him. We had the ability to do that with the extra first round pick. That's what you gave up. You gave up the 22nd pick. You went from 13, which you originally had to four. That's basically what you did to get a good player and it's going to help our team.

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