Minicamp Notebook

Here are some of Herman's Edwards thoughts at the beginning of the second minicamp. Topics include John Abraham's illness and the team's problem with the deep ball: <p>

Q)What are your thoughts on the first practice?

Edwards: We had four fouls in team situations. You don't want to beat yourselves. We've got to continue to just concentrate on establishing that with the players. Fortunately the last two years we were the least penalized team in football. You're going to get beat every once in a while, but you don't need to beat yourself. If you do it in practice, you'll do it in the game.

Q)There still seems to be problem connecting on deep go-routes down the sideline?

Edwards: We've had problems with the timing on that throw. He's throwing the ball 45 yards downfield. It looks easy but it's not. We're going to throw some in the preseason games, too. It kind of gets away from our offense, which is geared to make the first down. You miss one of those on first down and all of a sudden it's second-and-10. Paul (Hackett) doesn't like that, but I'm on the headset saying, ``Throw it again.''

Q)What did you see from rookie running back Ian Smart out there?

Edwards: I really can't wait till we go live and he catches punts. He's a natural. He's like a fish in water. I haven't seen him drop one. He has a lot of confidence. He's got a chance. The guy scored 95 touchdowns, I don't care if it's elementary school. That's a lot of touchdowns.

Q)Why was John Abraham not practicing?

Edwards: John had his tonsils and adenoids removed. We felt the last year or so he was out of breath, and that was the cause of it. He could hardly breathe out of his nose anymore. I think it's going to be a lot better for him. He was always breathing out of his mouth. You'd watch him and say he's just too good an athlete to be out of shape. He might miss a week or two (of the minicamp). That's OK. Let's do it now and get it over with.

Q)There were several players in trouble with the law around the NFL this week. Did you address that with the team?

Edwards: They saw it this morning. They saw all the guys and everything everybody was writing about, it was up on the overhead (projector). I always have the guys cut them out and lay them on my desk. There were six or seven of them. I always tell our players, choose your friends, don't let them choose you. Generally I tell them all the time, when it's 12 at night, nothing good happens. I tell them if it's midnight wherever you are, you need to go home..

Q)Are you working Dewayne Robertson at the three or the nose?

Edwards: We are working him at the three right now, but that is not to say he can't play the nose. He will be in the rotation. We plan on having him play over the guard and knock down the quarterback.

Q)Are you concerned that Robertson didn't have more sacks in college?

Edwards: He was drawing a lot of double-team blocks. It had a lot to do with the guys surrounding him too. When you are the best player on the defense, obviously they are going to block you. He was there best player by far.

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