Q&A with Wayne Chrebet

"We know we can't come out of the box again like we did last year. I think we understand that."<BR><BR>

QWhat are your thoughts on one of your best friend - Laveranues Coles - leaving the team?

Chrebet: Yeah, it's tough. Over the years I've become close with a couple of players, Kyle Brady, Alex Van Dyke, Neil (O'Donnell), Vinny. Me and Laveranues Coles became real close last year. We were almost inseparable. We talked with each other through the contract negotiations. Washington's a better situation for him.

Q)Do you think you guys will be able to replace him?

Chrebet: Laveranues is a great young talent, but we brought a guy in who's caught 500 passes (Curtis Conway), and Santana has another year under his belt. Me and Curtis are getting our timing down with Chad. I told him I'm still going through the process myself. That's why these OTAs are so important.

Q)Are you guys focused on getting off to a better start this season?

Chrebet: We know we can't come out of the box again like we did last year. I think we understand that. We're a better team now than we were at the end of last year, even though we lost some guys. I can see the fire in guys' eyes..

Q)So playing better at the beginning of the season is obviously a goal for you guys?

Chrebet: We've got to come out on fire. We've got to play at home in the playoffs. Teams that play at home in the postseason have a big advantage.

Q)Are you still bothered by how last season ended?

Chrebet: Anytime you don't get to the Super Bowl and win it, you wouldn't be competitive if you didn't have some sour feelings.

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