Not every Jets QB happy with the Tebow deal

When Joe Namath speaks, people listen. Bringing into question the organization's direction, Namath had some choice words for the Jets front office and their pursuit of quarterback Tim Tebow.

During the conference call Wednesday night, general manager Mike Tannenbaum rationalized the Jets' acquisition of Tebow with this quote:

"Every quarterback in the NFL has a backup. We just changed who ours is. And we feel really good about it."

The greatest quarterback in Jets history was none too pleased with Tebow's arrival. Joe Namath, who was often critical of the Jets last season, blasted the organization during an interview with New York's ESPN 1050.

"I don't think they know what they're doing over there right now," Namath said. "They're kind of mixed up over there. I'm talking about the folks that are making the decisions.

"Come on, this is crazy I don't know what it's about. It appears the Jets are trying to grab headlines once again just by making noise."

As for the starting quarterback who just signed a $58.25 million extension, well, Mark Sanchez didn't like it when Rex Ryan gave a handful of first-team reps to 41-year-old backup Mark Brunell while Sanchez was slumping last November. So it's highly unlikely he'll enjoy giving up a few real snaps to Tebow, as Sanchez hinted during an interview with Los Angeles' Fox Sports Radio Wednesday.

"I don't know if I'm very good split out like that," Sanchez said, referring to how the starting quarterback lines up at wide receiver during Wildcat plays. "And I don't like coming off the field."

Still, Sanchez also told the radio station that Tebow "knows how to inspire players" and made the first step in defusing and remedying a potentially awkward situation by calling Tebow once the trade happened (for the first time). Tebow told reporters later in the evening he called Sanchez back and that the two had a good conversation.

"We're both extreme competitors," Tebow said. "Ultimately, it's my goal to push him to get better and to push myself to get better. But I think we'll have a great working relationship and a good relationship off the field. He's such a classy guy. He handles himself so well. I'll be honored to call him my teammate."

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