The Curious Case of Tebow and Sanchez

With an evolving quarterback controversy in New York, how will Rex Ryan manage the playing time for his men under center?

Of all the things people are looking forward to this upcoming NFL season, perhaps no topic will garner more press or come under more scrutiny than the quarterback situation in New York.

The Jets brought in former Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow, to light a fire under current starter Mark Sanchez.

Head Coach Rex Ryan has already made it clear that Tebow will see as many as 20 snaps per game in Wildcat formations, spread options, and goal line runs. The magic of Tebow is that while he may not possess the stronger arm of the two, he is the more effective in short-yardage situations using his power running style to move the chains.

Ryan has stated that while Tebow is a good football player, Sanchez is a good quarterback.

This statement has been interpreted as stating Sanchez will be the starter come Week 1. However, he will have to elevate his game if he wants to remain the No. 1 gunslinger in New York. Sanchez is coming off one of the best passing years of his career. He set new career highs in completion percentage, passing yards,touchdowns, and overall QBR.

However, his interception total rivaled his rookie year numbers. This coupled with the fact that Sanchez did not perform well in clutch situations led to speculation that Sanchez might be the hot seat in New York.

On the other side of the coin, Tim Tebow is coming off one of the most fascinating years in the history of the quarterback position. His passing numbers were not all that impressive as he tossed 12 touchdowns, ran for six touchdowns, and threw six interceptions.

Tebow's unorthodox style translated to success as he led the Broncos to a 7-4 record (as a starter) including an improbable win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round.

In Denver's option scheme, Tebow's well-balanced load of both rushing and passing plays confounded opponents and captivated Broncos fans.

Rex Ryan hopes to channel that magic by coupling the quarterback he has groomed for three years with the quarterback that has proven he can shine in the NFL spotlight.

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