Coples a Jet!

It wasn't the draft day selection that many analysts predicted, but Coples' upside was too tempting for the New York Jets to pass up.


1st - Early 2nd



No significant injuries


2010 First Team All-ACC

24 career sacks in four seasons (6th amongst active)


2010 - 10 sacks, 15.5 tackles for loss 2011 - 7.5 sacks, 15.5 tackles for loss

Summary Given his athleticism and size, it's easy to see why Coples was thought to be the best NFL prospect entering the 2011 season. However, after a less-than-impressive senior season, it's even easier to understand the concern surrounding Coples' character, attitude, motivation and work ethic. Coples has undeniable potential as a threatening defensive end at the next level, but inconsistency doesn't bode well for an NFL career. From a technique standpoint, Coples may not be as far along as some originally thought. Despite his great measurables and size, Coples still has to work on his hands, his playing strength and his leverage. Coples isn't necessarily a raw player, but improving his work ethic and mechanics could really improve his game. There may be potential for Coples as an edge-rusher in a 3-4, but with minimal ability to cover and limited speed in pursuit, Coples is best fit for the 4-3. Coples is undoubtedly fit for the end position, but he has to develop the necessary repetoire of moves that ends use to get past tackles. As a senior, Cople was often times easily blocked to the outside because his speed-rush to the left shoulder of the tackle was advertised and predictable. It's tough to fall in love with a player that doesn't have you convinced that he's going 110 percent on every snap, but Coples is likely a first-rounder because of his upside alone. When he plays with the chip that he's suppose to, Coples is aggressive and can penetrate the line. He rarely misses tackles, but Coples' closing speed isn't going to track anyone other than a quarterback in pursuit. Coples can be a productive defensive end in the NFL, but his senior season showed only enough potential to line-up on the weakside. By looking at tape from his junior season, Coples has the potential to become a dominant strongside end. And there's never any question of Coples' potential or developmental progress to be one of the best. It's simply a matter of how good Quinton Coples wants Quinton Coples to be.

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