Q & A with Joe Namath

The Jets' legendary signal caller spoke about the stadium issue and his thoughts on the team.

Q)What are your thoughts on the Jets desire to have their own stadium in Manhattan?

Namath: I know the players would feel better to have their own home here in the city where we belong. This is nothing against the folks over there in the Meadowlands -- or our fans over in that area. But this is the NEW YORK JETS. We are the Jets -- the NEW YORK JETS, and we should have our team here.

Q)Why do you think that is so important?

Namath: The players would feel better about it, and I think the fans around here -- in New York -- would feel a heckuva lot better about it, too. And there's so much more we could do with the stadium besides just play football....if we get back home here, there will be a lot more enthusiasm. So, we're going to bring them a stadium here, somehow -- right, Jay (Cross)? And the New York Jets will, once again, be a part of New York City.

Q)What did you think of the Jets turnaround last year after the 2-5 start?

Namath: [I was impressed] with the players and their determination, their desire...Oh, you remember how we started out last year. It took a lot of guts to hang together, to stay together and come back.

Q)How much has the game changed?

Namath: When we looked around the locker room and saw these three guys -- Maynard, Mathis and Grantham...Holy cow, man. These guys were playing and they weren't even getting a paycheck...and when they were getting it, it wasn't cashable.

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