Evans suspension a terrible blow to Jets defense

For the second straight year Josh Evans reportedly violated the NFL Program for Substances of Abuse.<p> And for the second straight year he appealed an impending suspension. Last year he won the appeal, this year he didn't.<p> Both times, he claimed to have done nothing wrong.<p>

"Everybody will ultimately believe what they want, but to accept punishment for something I did not do is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to endure," said Evans.

His agents also feel this was a miscarriage of justice.

"We are tremendously disappointed with the outcome of the case and we completely disagree with the decision," said agents Mitch Frankel and Jeff Deutsch..

So let's get this straight. Two years in a row, the NFL, the best run league in America, made a mistake. C'mon. That doesn't make any sense. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Evans did something wrong, and must pay the price.

The rumors around the NFL are that Evans missed a scheduled drug test. That is the equivalent of testing positive for drugs in the eyes of the NFL brass.. The rules are the rules. If Evans, with his long history of violations, missed a test, he must pay the price.

Jets GM Terry Bradway was surprising sympathetic to Evans plight, considering the defensive tackle's suspension is a big hit to the team's defense.

"This is unfortunate and we're disappointed for Josh Evans," said New York Jets' General Manager Terry Bradway. "He worked hard and contributed to our program."

Wow, is that nice. Bradway is taking the high road, but he must be livid privately. This suspension is a devastating blow to the Jets defense, regardless of what the Jets are saying publicly.

"We have to move on," said Bradway. "We feel good about the players we have, and the depth at the position."

It's hard to believe that he truly feels that way, even though he needs to support his team publicly. The Jets are now forced to start 21-year-old Dewayne Robertson immediately, something they did not want to do. And who is going to platoon with him? The team's two current backup defensive tackle's James Reed and Alan Harper, have been used at nose tackle with the team. One of them is going to have to swing over to the three-technique position. So if they now platoon Robertson with Harper at the three-technique position, they would have a glaring lack of experience at the most important position in the defense. Expect the Jets to add a veteran here like a Steve Martin or Chester McGlockton, but what type of shape would either one be in after not being with a team the entire off-season.

So as you can see this Evans suspension is real bad news for the Jets. He was one of their best defensive players last year, and the better of their two defensive tackles.

The Jets can only hope he receives a minimal suspension. But challenging the league's ruling publicly isn't the best way to get on the Commissioner's good side.

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