Revis' Twitter Account Hacked

Mentioning Darrelle Revis and trade in the same sentence will force most Jets fans to cringe. So when New York's star cornerback's twitter account falsely reported that he was traded, you can only imagine fans' reaction.

In an age dominated by social media, thousands of innocent people fall victim to online hackers seizing control of their accounts. When Jets All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis tweeted that he had been traded, Jets nation collectively held its breath.

Fortunately for fans of the Green-and-White the tweet was bogus with Revis apologizing to his twitter followers explaining that his account was indeed hacked.

Revis set the record straight with the following tweet:

"No worries, i was not traded and my account was hacked, i love @JohnGeiger_ and @schwartzfeinsod, thank you, have a safe and happy 4th!"

The Jets defensive back later tweeted the phrase a "Jet for life," much to the relief of his followers.

Revis' contract situation is tenuous at best with an impending holdout hovering over the Jets upcoming training camp. New York's front office is reluctant to renegotiate Revis' deal with two years still remaining on his contract.

A perennial Pro Bowler, Revis is a vital cog in Rex Ryan's defensive scheme and virtually the lone untouchable on Gang Green's star-studded roster.

With uncertainty surrounding Revis' long-term future in New York, the fate of the Jets may rest with their ability to secure the cornerstone of their franchise.

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