Mangold back at training camp

Nick Mangold spent the past few days watching his sister's gutsy performance in the London Olympics.

Jets' All-Pro center Nick Mangold might very well be the second most famous member of his family. Nick's sister, Holley, competed in the 30th Olympiad representing the United States as a superheavyweight weight lifter.

Holley suffered an unfortunate setback prior to departing for the London Olympics, tearing a tendon in her wrist which required three cortisone shots in order for her to compete. Despite the mishap, Holley finished tenth out of 14 weightlifters, fighting through excruciating pain to bring pride and honor to her country.

"London was great. Holley did great, battled through injury, and finished tenth in the world, (I) can't argue with that," reflected Nick Mangold. I'm very proud of her."

Last week, Rex Ryan implored Mangold to take a few days away from training camp to watch his sister compete in London, but the Jets offensive lineman insisted that he stay with his teammates to build camaraderie and chemistry. Ultimately Nick relented to Ryan's wishes, boarding a plane bound for England to catch a glimpse his sister competing on the world's grandest stage.

"Rex has always been pushing (me), admitted Nick Mangold. "There was never a desire not to go. I wanted to go, but I didn't want to leave my teammates (behind). I've been talking to the guys and getting their blessings."

"Yeah, Rex can tell me it's okay to go, but if all 90 guys are staring at me with disgust, that's not a good thing. I wanted to clarify with them first."

The Jets man in the middle was beaming with pride following his sister's competition, but Mangold was happy to rejoin his teammates in Upstate New York today.

"It was fantastic, noted Nick Mangold, "it was a great experience. (I'm) very proud of her, she fought through injuries. Now it's good to be back banging around a little bit."

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