Keller downplays tussle with Cromartie

Fights are becoming a daily occurrence at Jets practice. New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller insists that what happens on the practice field, stays on the practice field.

Rex Ryan has seen enough.

Barely 24 hours removed a fight breaking out during Monday's practice session, the Green and White had to deal with another scuffle, this time between tight end Dustin Keller and cornerback-receiver hybrid Antonio Cromartie. The fight came after Cromartie laid a huge hit on Keller during a training camp session on Wednesday.

Ryan, who chalked up the McKnight fight to nothing more than an inevitable event of training camp, took this matter much more seriously. Seeing that his team was quickly losing focus and discipline, Ryan put them to running sprints.

"When we're out there running eleven or twelve gassers, you catch (the message) real quick, especially in the middle of practice," commented Keller after yesterday's session. "We understand we need to take care of each other."

Keller admitted that he let his emotions get the better of him following the hit from Cromartie. The two did not speak immediately after practice, but Keller stated that on-field feuds never translate to the locker room.

Keller expressed that the first preseason game on Friday couldn't come at a better time.

"We're ready to hit another color jersey. You want to get out there and get some live work and a real feel for where this offense is."

The long-time Jets' tight end stressed the importance of developing more consistency on offense. Keller is urging his team to stick to the game plan, whether that is establishing the run or making the big gain downfield.

"I want to see us have multiple long play drives, just keep it going, and staying out of the three-and-outs," noted Keller.

While the offense has been inconsistent the past few seasons, Keller has maintained a relatively steady production, averaging 12 yards per reception during his four year career. Being one of Mark Sanchez's favorite targets, he expects that production to continue. When asked about his quarterback, Keller had nothing but praise for the former Trojan.

"(We) spend a lot of time with each other on the field, off the field," said Keller of his relationship with Sanchez. No complaints. "I think we spend a lot of time whether it's on film work, extra stuff on the field, whatever it may be. So, I think for that reason we have pretty good chemistry."

Keller also said that Sanchez has come a long way since being a rookie starter and has become a leader in the locker room.

"Mark's trying to get all the little nuances of each position, the things that he sees out there. He wants to be on the same page as all of his receivers."

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