Tebow ‘comfortable' in Jets' Wildcat

When the Jets acquired quarterback Tim Tebow back in March they knew exactly how they wanted to use him. Now, New York's Wildcat specialist is hitting his stride in a familiar system.

The New York Jets are 19 days into training camp and backup quarterback Tim Tebow is settling in nicely to Gang Green's Wildcat scheme.

The former Heisman Trophy winner is relishing his opportunity to lead New York's unconventional offensive attack.

"Well, it's something that I've had so many reps (with) and (I have) gone through that so many times, especially at the University of Florida and even in high school too," remarked Tebow of experience directing the Wildcat offense. "So it's something I'm very comfortable with and obviously, that's why most of the time I am under center and doing things that I haven't done as much, play-action drops, seven-step drops, five-step drops, getting in the gun and doing that stuff has always been a little easier for me."

Newly hired offensive coordinator Tony Sparano is exploring every possibility to make full use of Tebow's talents.

"Well that's the thing about Coach Sparano, he's someone that is extremely creative, extremely passionate, and he's (going to) do whatever it takes to win. It's not same old, same old with him, he's continually talking about new things, looking at new things, and I think that's the sign of a great coach.

Even with the media circus converging on the Jets training camp, the coaching staff is keeping the full employment of the Wildcat under wraps.

"I think obviously, anything scheme related based on plays, other things, obviously you want to keep that in house, but at the same time we (have) to go out there and execute it and run it, so you can't be too secretive either," commented Tebow.

Tebow's debut with the Jets, a 17-6 preseason loss to the Cincinnatti Bengals, was filled with mixed results both through the air and on the ground.

On Saturday night the Jets host the defending champion New York Giants in the latest installment of the Big Apple showdown albeit an exhibition contest.

"They're a great team and congratulations to them for winning a Super Bowl, that's great," said Tebow. "(I) just have a lot of respect for them and their players, and it'll be a lot of fun to get a chance to play them."

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