Giants add Snoopy Trophy alongside Lombardi

It's not the trophy that Tom Coughlin and the Giants are looking to defend, but the Snoopy Trophy will make it's home at the Timex Training Center this year.

The Snoopy Trophy changed hands this past Saturday as the New York Giants handily defeated the New York Jets by a score of 26-3. The game marks the second straight preseason loss for Gang Green who remain the only team yet to score a touchdown this preseason.

The game marked the second annual MetLife Bowl, a preseason game played between the two New York teams that has become a tradition and gained renewed interest among fans for the hardware that comes with winning the game.

The MetLife trophy, colloquially named the "Snoopy Trophy" has been in use for two years now. The trophy is a bronze statue that features the famous Peanuts character and MetLife mascot, Snoopy, fully adorned in an old school football helmet. The trophy has evolved into a staple of MetLife Stadium, as a new statue is being erected that will greet fans of both green and blue who come to watch their respective teams.

While many fans are against the creation of a side show distraction that detracts from the real purpose of preseason football, others like the addition of a trophy. Many feel that the rivalry between these two teams is forced. Despite sharing the same stadium for years, the two teams play in separate conferences. With the Snoopy Trophy, the players have something to play for each year much the way college rivals play for their own trophy games (i.e. the Jeweled Shillelagh that is contested for annually by Notre Dame and USC).

The Jets were able to secure the trophy last preseason after a 17-3 victory that saw neither team play up to the level that they are used to. Despite the early victory, the Jets were humbled by the Giants later that year, which many regarded as the beginning of the end for the Jets postseason hopes.

This year, the Giants were able to take the Trophy back, bringing the MetLife series to a tie. The game was much like last year for the Jets, whose quarterbacks struggled to remain upright against arguably the NFL's best pass-rush.

Gang Green will try and reel from its second straight loss in 2012 as they take on the Carolina Panthers later this week.

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