Revis' injury status remains uncertain

He has an island named for him, but this week Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis might feel like the loneliest player in the locker room. While the star defensive back looks to recover from a mild concussion, his playing status is still up in the air.

If Jets All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis hopes to play this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers he'll have to pass a series of concussion tests and neurological analysis this week. With the countdown to this weekend's kickoff underway, the New York Jets have set Saturday as a deadline for Revis to show he's healthy enough to make the trip. In the age of strict concussion protocol, the NFL isn't taken any chances with the long-term or short-term complications stemming from concussion syndrome.

"We'll see how Darrelle is," head coach Rex Ryan told reporters on Thursday." We're going to proceed with the same thing we've talked about, the NFL protocol. We'll do that. If he's not 100 percent, then Darrelle won't play. It's as simple as that."

Revis suffered the injury when attempting to tackle Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller. As the Jets' defensive back tumbled to the turf he was kicked in the back of the helmet by teammate Bart Scott. Despite the injury, Revis was able to infuse some humor into the situation.

"(I knew) when it happened because he plays hard, aggressive, and reckless," said Revis of Scott's frenzied style of play. "Out of the other ten guys on the field, I feel like I knew it was Bart. When I asked, everybody told me."

The four-time Pro Bowler was in the locker room following the Jets 48-28 drubbing of the Buffalo Bills. While trainers and team doctors evaluated Revis, they eventually determined that he sustained a mild concussion. For No. 24 he was in uncharted territory, never having suffered a concussion at any level of play.

Darrelle Revis hauls in an interception opening day

"I mean it was just in the fog, being in the fog," said Revis of how he felt following this past Sunday's game. "I've never had a concussion. This is something that you have to get guidance from the training staff and the doctors."

"The only thing I could remember was (C.J.) Spiller running through the hole and I tried to stick my hand in and make the tackle. It just happened so fast that it felt like a headache."

While Revis has been cleared for lifting and running, doctors have not allowed him to participate in contact drills or to practice. In today's NFL, trainers and doctors are making the cognitive health of their players a top priority, something that Revis is mindful of.

"This concussion (procedure) through the years has progressed, and it's only to help us as players," said Revis. "In the past, there have been numerous concussions that have not been recorded and guys go back out there and play. That's what happens, when you get a concussion, or these types of things, head injuries, you have to go through these procedures. The NFL is doing the best job they can trying to make sure the players are safe."

If the Jets are without their superstar defensive back, cornerback Kyle Wilson would get the start in his place. With Revis' injury status still uncertain, he's doing everything in his power to ensure he's on the field Sunday.

"It is not my call, it's the doctors' call, whatever they say goes," admitted Revis of his playing status against Pittsburgh. "I would try to be out there with a broken leg, and I'm sure they know that as well. It's the competitive spirit in me that just wants to go out there and play. If I feel fine, which I do, then we'll go from there."


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