Clock striking midnight on Tebow Time?

With Mark Sanchez not impressing the Jets' fanbase, the calls for Tim Tebow are louder each day. Find out why a discord between ownership and the front office might spell trouble for Gang Green.

When the news came through WFAN's mid-day show of diehard Jets fans Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno that Tim Tebow was being traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets this past summer, many fans thought to themselves what in the world is this team trying to do?

The prevailing sentiment amongst fans was that the Jets' front office was trying light a fire underneath Mark Sanchez and get him to perform better on the field. We all saw what happened when the Denver Broncos were forced to dumb down the offense to make it work for Tebow.

What we saw was a team that had a poor offense, but at the same time a better defense and special teams that allowed Tebow to make his magical run once Kyle Orton was demoted to backup. But this sort of magic caught the eye of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and after gifting Sanchez an extension, the big circus came to town.

After eight games in the 2012 season Tebow has done a decent job with the limited plays Tony Sparano and Rex Ryan have called for him. During special teams Tebow has been a fantastic gadget player who has created first downs on direct snaps including a fantastic throw against the Colts that produced a first down and extended an eventual scoring drive.

But to be fair Mark Sanchez hasn't felt the pressure of Tebow being his backup or as a so-called Wildcat quarterback. Sanchez at times continues to make the same mistakes on the field as he did during his rookie year, I also believe his quarterback coach Matt Cavanaugh has ruined him to no end.

But the real people who have felt the pressure of Tebow coming to this team is Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano, because the truth is very simplly that they never wanted him to be here in the first place. No matter how many times the press will ask for a change in quarterback, they won't get it until the playoffs are truly out of reach.

How many times have you heard during the preseason after Tebow was traded that he was going to be a special weapon? They didn't want to show all their cards as Tebow will do special things, he's barely been on the field for half the plays.

Why has our time been wasted on this man that the coaching staff didn't want, yet mighty Woody Johnson demanded that a trade had to be made? Doesn't he listen to his general manager in Mike Tannenbaum when he gave Sanchez that front-loaded extension? Whatever Johnson has said about winning a championship has been thrown out the window for the back pages of the NY tabloids.

This is why the Giants, Steelers, Colts, 49ers, Redskins, Ravens and any other legacy teams in the NFL has done things the right way. They have backed their quarterback regardless of how their season will ended.

Andrew Luck has been knighted by Jim Irsey as the next great quarterback to take over the Peyton Manning era and the Colts knows it. Robert Griffin III has also been tagged as the next franchise signal-caller for the Redskins and both men so far have excelled up to this point. But the Band-aid king still has fogged up eye glasses, because all he cares about is the money he will get with the aura that Tebow will bring, not for a Super Bowl.

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