Sanchez gains perspective from relief effort

While Mark Sanchez and the Jets are aiming to rebound from a disappointing first half of the season, the New York/New Jersey area is still suffering the ill effects from Superstorm Sandy.

With the Jets season hanging in the balance at the midway point of the year, Mark Sanchez understands the importance of setting a positive tone for the second half of the regular season with a win.

"Looking at some of the film this past week and really where we've broken down in some of these games, leaving some points on the board and hurting ourselves," noted New York's man under center. "We're 3-5 and that's the way I look at myself and this team, but I know we can be better than that and this is the best time to show it – in the second half of the season."

Ironically, Sanchez will be pitted against his former college coach Pete Carroll who has directed the Seattle Seahawks to a surprising 5-3 start. With rookie signal-caller Russell Wilson taking the league by storm, in Sanchez's estimation, Seattle's defensive prowess deserves a great deal of credit for the team's stellar play.

"They have great edge pass rushers and they're tough in the middle as well," admitted Sanchez of Seattle's burgeoning defense. "They have a great front seven and then, their backend, safeties and corners are probably the most physical in the league. They are some of the toughest guys we'll play. They have great speed and good ball skills, and they find the ball in the air. This is one of the best groups we'll play all year. They're a sound, disciplined team and that's no surprise with their head coach. It's going to be good for us."

New York's slow start has been anything but good for Jets fans as many clamor for the coaching staff to pull the trigger on a quarterback switch and turn the keys to the offense over to Wildcat specialist Tim Tebow. While Rex Ryan came to the defense of Sanchez in spite of his quarterback's poor play, fans are expecting Tebow's role to undoubtedly increase in the upcoming weeks. Facing the prospect of a possible 3-6 start to the year, Sanchez isn't letting the negativity and controversy influence his mindset or tear his team apart.

"Just keep emphasizing taking care of the football and keep developing these wideouts and growing with these guys," mentioned Sanchez of how the team can improve in the second half. "And then the other thing is just, at the end of the day stay positive, no matter what."

In light of Hurricane Sandy wreaking devastation across the Metropolitan area, Sanchez assisted in relief efforts in Tom River, New Jersey, which help served as a source of inspiration for the embattled quarterback.

"I just did my best to take it all in and give myself some perspective on life," refected Sanchez. "To me, my life is 3-5 and try to fight through it and win games for the New York Jets, but there's also so much more. Just stay positive with those guys and know that through times of adversity, this is a strong state and a strong tri-state area that can really come together and help each other."

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