These clowns wear Green and White

Green and White Report's Daniel Feuerstein sounds off on the Jets offseason acquisition of Tim Tebow and subsequent negative comments regarding the NFL's most famous backup QB.

Have you seen the tents being pitched outside the New York Jets Atlantic Health training center this week? Did you hear the music that plays on when the Lions, Tigers and Bears are prancing around the center circle?

Or how about the three men wearing the bright red jackets, white shirts, bow ties and their big top hats running this show, because it's not a real National Football League Team at Florham Park, New Jersey, it's basically a circus.

An absolute circus with more than three rings inside of it with so much drama it has to be on the Soap Network and guys would watch it just for the ratings.

The reason for the new outburst or at least the blame game with no-names attached to the comments that were directed towards Mark Sanchez last season, has now been pointed at Tim Tebow. The reasons of course are, he's not a quality NFL quarterback.

It's not his entire fault for coming to the Jets, but now some others from within the front office are also saying that Tebow is not a great player. The real reason for all this stupidity is the fame and media that keeps attaching their recorders to get any quote from Tebow, as well as glorifying him to no end as a backup quarterback.

While I have said many times on the Green and White Report podcast shows and in several columns that Tebow is not a quarterback and he shouldn't have been brought here by the Jets, it's not his fault that this team is currently 3-6 and tied for last with the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East.

The blame squarely falls on the lap of Tony Sparano who continues the horrible play calling, Mark Sanchez regressing as the starting quarterback, Mike Tannenbaum who has failed as the general manager and Robert "Woody" Johnson who has allowed this circus to get to the point where the Jets are truly the laughing stock of the league.

While some of the blame does fall on Rex Ryan, you can see he is trying to keep this team intact and trying to protect them, but sadly no matter how hard he tries someone is going to open their mouth and cause problems. It's just a sad state of affairs when this team under Ryan got to two consecutive AFC Championship games and now the implosion has happened.

It's not a three ring circus at the Atlantic Health training facility for the Jets, it's a ten to twenty ring circus because no matter where you turn, more stupidity and sadly immaturity has crept into this team and it would be best served as a new episode of One Jets road.

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