Any thought that Gang Green's locker room is becoming divided was put to bed with an impressive team win on Sunday.

What's that sound you hear? It's a pulse, something the Jets have been without for the past three games. Gang Green, with their backs against the wall, made a first major step towards salvaging their season.

Obviously nothing positive came from an article that was published this week in the New York Daily News from Jets' beat writer Manish Mehta where we now understand quotes from 'anonymous players' were taken from training camp and the preseason in an attempt to create controversey and ruin the team's morale.

Well that mission wasn't accomplished as the Jets were able to march into the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis and defeat Brian Shottenheimer, Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams. This type of radical reporting cannot be accepted as credible or accurate and the players and fans deserve better.

Journalists with intentions to intentionally create slash and burn pieces to elevate themselves in the media landcape is truly deplorable. Rex Ryan helped his team turn the negative publicty into a positive. Sadly, Mehta is that type of reporter that gives the NFL media a bad name.

The New York Daily News has been held in high regard within the tri-state area for their excellent coverage of the New York City sports scene from the four major sports from the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and now officially back to Brooklyn with the Nets. Sadly one bad apple spoils the excellent reporting and Mr. Mehta is guilty as charged.

I understand they have to battle the other major and local newspapers from within the area for coverage, but sadly the article that broke out on Wednesday has soiled those awards and Mr. Mehta needs to be punished.

As we move on from the local media to the aftermath of this big time win, this is why Brian Schottenheimer has continued to show why he can't make the big time calls at the right time. This is why when he sees a good thing going, he changes the formula and the offense goes South quickly.

Before converting their first touchdown of the game, the Rams had a first and goal quickly turn into a fourth and goal following two failed pass attemps on second and third down. St. Louis got away from the run and tried to throw the ball from short yardage to get into the end zone. It was only on fourth and goal the Rams broke through the goal line due to bad coverage from the defense.

Those particular calls continue to illustrate why Schottenheimer has an allergy calling effective plays in the red zone. The best example took place in the 2011 AFC Championship game at the Pittsburgh Steelers where the Jets desperately needed a second touchdown in the second half, but couldn't call the right plays to punch it in for six.

Outside of being a great game planner and calling the right plays, he still shows a tendency of straying away from what has been working and will continue to get so close, without earning the prize.

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