The Jets fell in a laugher to the New England Patriots in Week 11. Find out the highlights, but mostly lowlights from a pitiful performance from Mark Sanchez and company.


Death by turnover. That is how the New York Jets will remember their Thanksgiving game against the New England Patriots. If the Jets didn't have five turnovers they may have been in the game because the total yards from scrimmage were close. Bilal Powell continues to be a contributing factor for a Jets offense that is looking for a star. With the Jets down 35-5 in the third quarter, Powell fought his way past the Patriots defense and dove into the end zone for the score. Although, this may of not given the Jets much hope of a comeback, it was something to cheer about for a squad that looked dead throughout the whole game. Sanchez marched the Jets down the field and showed signs of still wanting to be the starting quarterback in New York. The Jets will have to decide if Sanchez is can conduct drives like the third quarter drive often. If not, it may be Tebow time at the Meadowlands.


The Jets crashed and burned early. At least this game they didn't get their fans hopes up only to lose in overtime. There is only one way to describe the second quarter: ugly. The Jets were only down by a touchdown in the second quarter and had possession of the ball well into the Patriots territory with a fourth and one. Sounds simple enough? But, the Jets line gets pushed back, running back Shonn Greene runs into a wall, and the Patriots stripped the ball loose to recover it. What happened next? You guessed it, Shane Vereen streaked caught the ball wide open and streaked down the sideline for a 84 yard touchdown. The play was a disaster from the start because of the Jets lack of communication. Bart Scott was supposed to cover Vereen, but left him wide open down the side line. Tom Brady does not miss a wide open receiver. He connected with Vereen, and he used his speed to do the rest. The Jets fell apart after this score. The Patriots scored 35 second quarter points and the Jets could not manage to bounce back after that.


"I'll put it to you this way, were about as wounded as you possible be, but were not dead," Head Coach Rex Ryan said in the postgame conference following the Jets 49-12 loss on Thanksgiving. "I can tell you this, we will give everything we have, every ounce of energy we have to get this thing going. That's from a coaching standpoint, every coach that I have, and players. If not than we will make adjustments."


The Jets first points of the game happened because of a key fourth down play from Sanchez and the offense. At the end of one of the worst quarters in Jets history Mark Sanchez completed a fourth down pass to Stephen Hill to put the Jets well into the Patriots territory. The Jets were unable to score a touchdown before the half, but Nick Folk kicked the ball past the up rights for three points. The Jets had little momentum going into halftime, but it wasn't much.

What's Next:

The Jets were in an extra giving mood for the holidays. They had five turnovers on the day on their way to an embarrassing 49-12 loss to the Patriots on Thanksgiving. Jets fans are desperate for a change as they constantly chanted Tebow and even cheered when Sanchez was slow to get up. Ryan once again said Sanchez gives the Jets the best opportunity to win and is his starting quarterback moving forward. Is Rex Ryan being stubborn? Everyone knows he did not agree with acquiring Tim Tebow, but it may be time to see if he can lead this offense. The Jets offensive line once again did not play well. They let Patriots defenders slip by untouched the whole game. On paper Sanchez's stats looked impressive; he went 26-36 for 301 yards and a touchdown. Greene ran for 71 yards and 5.1 yards per carry, but he fumbled the ball when the Jets still had life. There was a Dustin Keller sighting. Keller scored a touchdown late in the fourth quarter when the Jets were already waving their white flag. Wide Receiver Jeremy Kerley had another impressive game against the Patriots with seven catches for 86 yards. But, at the end of the day, mistakes killed the Jets.

The Patriots keep winning because along with a dynamic passing attack they have the luxury of running the ball as they rushed for 152 yards on the day. Moving forward, the Jets have the Arizona Cardinals next week. This week the Cardinals play the St. Louis Rams, who the Jets previously beat. Rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley will start this week against the Rams and the Jets may face him during their week 12 matchup. Although the Cardinals are starting an unproven rookie quarterback, Lindley still has Larry Fitzgerald as a wide receiver and he can make any quarterback look like a star. The Jets have a chance to add further damage to the Cardinals season. The Cardinals have lost six straight after winning the first four games of the season. It will be interesting to see if the Jets make a playoff push or give up and go for a high draft pick.

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