Rex Ryan made injured Tebow Jets Emergency QB

The New York Jets season is spiraling out of control, but Gang Green is focused on the here and now, refusing to look too far ahead.

After digesting what happened on Thanksgiving evening at Met Life Stadium, I'm still in stunned disbelief. The New York Jets have either given up, are completely clueless or just inept.

When many Jets fans turned to find an explaination for their team's 49-19 debacle. the Jets and Patriots writers informed the sporting world of some disturbing news.

Ever since Tim Tebow arrived in New York courtesy of the almighty Robert "Woody" Johnson he is always a topic for discussion no matter how good or how bad the Jets are playing this season. Yet there was a curiosity as to why he wasn't in the game at anytime from start to finish.

He was dressed in uniform and had his helmet on all the whole time, but sadly never got on the field. Those reports indicated that Tebow dressed for Thanksgiving Night despite two fractured ribs that he suffered in the road game at Seattle and played with those fractures in the road win at St. Louis.

Why on earth would Rex Ryan allow Tebow to play with fractured ribs or at least give the notion of dressing him and have third string quarterback Greg McElroy on the sidelines? I understand if the doctors have cleared Tebow they can use him, but common sense should've prevailed.

What would have happened on the play where Sanchez ran into his own linesman and slammed hard on the field turf if the back of his head actually bounced and he suffered a concussion? Do you think Tebow would be able to make those runs behind Mangold? I don't think so.

Greg McElroy is the forgotten man on this team and as we have already declared the season is officially over, now is the time to use McElroy to finish this terrible season in the month of December. Tebow doesn't deserve to be given a look with fractured ribs that could get him killed like what almost happened to Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But at least Mike Tomlin has enough common sense to sit Roethlisberger and not use him until he is at 100 percent. But for Rex Ryan he decides to still dress Tebow and ignore a true potential quarterback that could've been ready to go in McElroy, but decides to scratch him.

I have been protecting Rex Ryan for this debacle of a season and at the same time I still believe he will stay regardless of how this season will end. But this dumb decision to allow Tebow to dress with fractured ribs has made me change my mind.

If the season does end the way it will, then Rex must be sent away with Tannenbaum, Cavanaugh and Sparano as this has been an utter failure of a season, but putting your player in harm's way is just stupid and for the first time Rex can't hide from it.

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