It hasn't exactly been a season to remember for the Jets, who are only a few days removed from a humiliating loss to the New England Patriots. Even with all the negativity and doubt surrounding the team, New York's veteran safety is encouraged by the positive outlook and team camaraderie Gang Green is showing this week.

With the loss of New England still fresh in their minds and the news of Fireman Ed hanging up his helmet for the year, darkened skies have descended over the Jets locker room. As the season appears to be over for Gang Green, one particular Jet is trying to keep the spirit of his teammates alive.

"You can see the energy," said safety LaRon Landry. "I think we're still in high spirits from what I can see and sense and feel."

"Landry has been a staple of the Jets defense this season. Since coming over from the Washington Redskins, Landry has filled up the starting safety position and sets the tone against opposing teams with his hard-hitting nature and bone-crunching tackles. When asked if they were unprepared for the no-huddle offense, Landry stated that the communication on the field was as good as it's always been.

"We get paid to play this game at high level and when we see something that we haven't seen before, we communicate, we talk it through and we execute," affirmed Landry. "It doesn't matter what they put out there, we have to get through it."

As for how the Jets are approaching the rest of the season, Landry stated that the team was taking it one day at a time. He agreed that every player needed to shoulder more responsibility for their play on the field, himself included.

"I have to go out there and give it my all and let the outcome speak for itself."

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