B. Moore tired of being butt of butt jokes

The New York Jets committed a comedy of errors during last Thursday's romping by the New England Patriots. Find out why one Jets offensive lineman isn't laughing and is fed up with being the butt of butt jokes.

As if enduring a humiliating 49-19 loss to the archrival New England Patriots on Thanksgiving night isn't bad enough, now the Jets are becoming the laughingstock of the league and the butt of all jokes.


With the Jets trailing the Patriots 14-0 in the second quarter, quarterback Mark Sanchez mishandled the snap and attempted a feet-first slide toward the line of scrimmage but instead collided with the backside of offensive lineman Brandon Moore. The football was dislodged and scooped up by New England safety Steve Gregory, who returned it 32 yards for a touchdown. The Patriots scored 35 points in the second quarter and notched three touchdowns in a span of just 52 seconds.

Following the game, NBC color commentator Cris Collinsworth described the Jets' football folly to reporters and even he had a hard time keeping a straight face.

"You watch football your whole life and to see that many unique, entertaining and funny-in-some-ways plays in one stretch … it was, ‘Wow, what's going on?," remarked Collinsworth. "I had to hold in my laughter a couple of times."

During the broadcast, Collinsworth credited New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork for knocking Moore into Sanchez, yet his tongue-in-cheek comments didn't exactly sit well with New York's Pro Bowl right guard.

"The Collinsworth guy, I've never really been a big fan of his," Moore told Jets beat reporters this week. "To portray it that way and to see it on TV … when somebody slides into the back of you, you're going to fall. That happens a lot in general. You don't know what's going on (behind you). I didn't know what was going on until after the game. During the game, I didn't know. It's a good thing."

When asked whether he found the fumble the least bit humorous, Moore replied curtly, "No."

The Jets will try to salvage their train wreck of a season as their final five opponents all brandish losing records. New York (4-7) plays host to the Arizona Cardinals (4-7) on Sunday.

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