The Curious Case of Greg McElroy

Green and White Report's Daniel Feuerstein sounds off on Rex Ryan's baffling decision not to activate quarterback Greg McElroy this week at Jacksonville.

First let me say that I want to thank Greg McElroy for taking over the game against the Arizona Cardinals, because you can clearly see that Mark Sanchez couldn't clear a mental hurdle to lead Gang Green to a score. I want to thank him for showing Jets' fans that he has the ability to play the position and show his smarts on the field.

Two fabulous drives that led to a one-yard touchdown pass to Jeff Cumberland in the end zone and the other to kill the game off as Shonn Greene stopped his run at the Arizona one-yard line and gave himself up. The man in relief saved the day when the starter has played down to his competition and showed no encouraging signs so far this season.

So the next best thing for this situation is to allow the savior to continue the season and see what he can do for four full quarters, but sadly that wasn't the case. Two things happened to McElroy that left me scratching my head and feeling sorry for him at the same time.

Rex Ryan informed the New York media that Mark Sanchez was going to reclaim his starting job and moved McElroy to the backup spot again. But the second thing that really baffled me is treported by the New York Daily News hat McElroy had been deactivated for Sunday in Jacksonville.

Is this the thanks that he truly deserved? While he earned his first passing touchdown and first win in his NFL Career, he was smacked in the facr by Rex Ryan and the coaching staff to go back and chart the plays and just be a cheerleader. That is the wrong thing to do and even though Tim Tebow was dressed at the backup, he never played a single minute in their 17-10 victory over the Jaguars.

While I understand that the Jets still have a very slim chance of making the playoffs, sadly Mark Sanchez is regressing on the field and seems to be rushing and looking like he is panicking at times. The first half proved it and sadly we will never know if it will continue through the rest of December.

But one thing is for sure, Greg McElroy has truly earned himself several starts. Whatever happens next year, the hope is that Tim Tebow will be cut from the roster and there will be a real quarterback competition to start the 2013 season.

But if I was Greg McElroy I would go to Rex Ryan and let him have it. I understand that Ryan wasn't happy about McElroy being a stool pigeon leaking all the negative stuff to a local Alabama sports radio station at the end of last season, but this time McElroy has a legit grip. He earned a start and sadly he got nothing and the Grinch does wear Green and White.

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