Rex Ryan and his quarterbacks

Rumors running rampant that the Jets are looking to trade Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow may play in the CFL and Michael Vick to the Jets? Erik Talks about what the future holds for the Jets.

There was a quarterback controversy when the 2012 season started between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, but who would have guessed that Sanchez would have been benched for Greg McElroy and Tebow tossed out with yesterday's garbage.

Rex Ryan has proven to me over and over with his subtle decisions and the language he used all season that he never wanted Tim Tebow. I just read the tea leaves all season and anytime I hinted towards this either in my blog or on twitter I was told I didn't know what I was talking about and I didn't know football.

I was even told I'd make a bad general manager. I may not know X's and O's like some experts, but I know people and organizations, successful and dysfunctional ones.

The strong Tebow fanatics told me that I would be eating my words and always responded that Tim was a winner and that Sanchez was going to be benched before the season ended. Well they were half right, but their boy was never given a fair chance. Tim was misled by the Jets and Rex Ryan all season and you can't help but feel bad for him just a little bit, regardless if you think he's an NFL caliber QB or not.

One of my talents is reading people. Rex Ryan was an open book to me and watching just about every press conference and seeing his body language told me that he lost faith in all his quarterbacks. Rex is as good a spin doctor as I have ever seen.

It's not that he wanted to choose Greg McElroy as the starter for the next two games, it's that he HAD NO CHOICE. He couldn't convince himself that Tebow was even a quarterback and because he put all his chips into Sanchez, his pride and ego got in the way of pulling the vet earlier in the season when he first started struggling.

When Rex made the quarterback changes this week, it was obviously too late now that the season and their playoff chances were flushed down the toilet.

Now that the Jets are out of the tournament, the question remains, can Rex Ryan survive this? Does he deserve a second chance? It's clear that the offense will be blown up and will be in rebuilding mode for next year, and it's also clear that Rex has no clue or grasp on offense.

Will his faith in Sanchez be his downfall? Woody Johnson refused to talk to the media after the loss this past weekend and said that he'll be making a statement at the end of the season. Sounds like that may be a bad thing for certain people.

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