Jets worst 5 moments of the 2012 season

It was a painful and miserable season for Jets fans across the country. What could be better than recapping the low-lights from a nightmarish 2012 campaign?

1. The Butt Fumble:

Things weren't looking good. The Jets were down 14-0 on Thanksgiving Day to the division leading New England Patriots. Before you knew it a miscommunication between Shonn Greene and Mark Sanchez led to Sanchez running straight into the backside of offensive lineman Brandon Moore. The impact forced the ball out of the arms of Sanchez and resulted in a Patriots touchdown. Not a pretty sight!

2. The Santonio Holmes Chuck:

The Jets were trailing by 17 point in the fourth quarter when Holmes caught a pass off of an out route. As he dug his foot into the ground to turn up field he collapsed onto the ground. Before leaving the Jets for the season due to a Lisfranc injury, Holmes appeared to throw the ball toward the middle of the field, which led to a 51-yard fumble recovery for the 49ers. The Jets would go on to be blown out at a score of 34-0.

3. The Stephen Hill drop:

This one hurt the most for Jets fans, considering New York was in prime position to steal a game from the Patriots in Foxboro. Hill dropped a pass on third down with 2:15 left in the game. The catch would have given the Jets control and the opportunity to get a possible touchdown to win the game. Instead they settled for a field goal, which tied the game at 23. It wasn't just Hill's fault. The Jets would have a chance to get a touchdown after the Patriots fumbled the ensuing kickoff but they were once again forced to settle for a field goal. The Patriots would end up winning the game in OT, vanquishing any Jets hope of a division crown.

4. Sanchez's Monday Night breakdown:

Every fan knew that if the Jets were able to handle the Titans, the Chargers, and the Bills they would more than likely sneak their way into the playoffs. They had to start their charge in Week 15 against the Tennessee Titans but instead the offense self -mploded when Sanchez had 5 turnovers. None more crucial than his final two, which were both inside the Titans 25-yard line. The Jets would lose 14-10 and had every talking head bashing their poor offensive production in such a crucial game.

5. The Failure of Tebow-Mania

Rumors and anonymous sources kept coming up throughout the season about quarterback Tim Tebow. The sideshow kept players, media, and fans distracted from the season. Not only did the experiment fail but it might have caused some type of divide within the locker room. Reports came out in November that some players found Tebow to be "terrible" and that they couldn't win running the Wildcat. The season was nothing short of interesting for the New York Jets.

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