NFL prospects by FCS conference

Draft expert and scout extraordinaire Josh Buchanon is on the scene to pick out the top NFL prospects by FCS conference that stand head and shoulders above the rest.


Obviously Brandon Kaufman and Brad Sorensen have gotten a lot of interest being that they were at the combine. Idaho State WR Rodrick Rumble and TE Josh Hill have gotten a lot as well. Montana FB Dan Moore and TE Greg Hardy have gotten a good buzz while NAU OT Trey Gilleo, MSU DT Zach Minter, and Sacramento State TE TJ Knowles are athletic free agent types who I believe will have a good pro day. PSU K Zach Brown and DE Marquis Jackson are talented but had a tougher than expect senior year. There hasn't been a lot of media buzz on UC Davis OG Sean Davies and P Colton Schmidt but both are god players worth a look.

OH Deonte Williams Cal Poly

IB Kennith Jackson Cal Poly

WO Brandon Kaufman Eastern Washington

QB Kyle Padron Eastern Washington

WO Nicholas Edwards Eastern Washington

OT William "Will" Post Eastern Washington

WO Gregory "Greg" Herd Eastern Washington

OB Zachary "Zach" Johnson Eastern Washington

FS McKenzie Murphy Eastern Washington

OB Jerry Ceja Eastern Washington PK Jimmy Pavel Eastern Washington

WO Rodrick Rumble Idaho State

TE Joshua "Josh" Hill Idaho State

FB Daniel "Dan" Moore Montana

TE Gregory "Greg" Hardy Montana

RS Peter Nguyen Montana

DT Zach Minter Montana State

OB Caleb Schreibeis Montana State

SS Jody Owens Montana State

QB Braden Hanson North Dakota

DE Ross Brenneman North Dakota

OT Treylek "Trey" Gilleo Northern Arizona

RS Dominic Gunn Northern Colorado

DE Marquis Jackson Portland State

PK Zach Brown Portland State

OG Kyle Ritt Portland State

OB Ian Sluss Portland State

RS Nevin Lewis Portland State

TE T.J. Knowles Sacramento State

SS Ryan McMahon Sacramento State

QB Bradley "Brad" Sorensen Southern Utah

DT Cody Larsen Southern Utah

OG Zach Brackus Southern Utah

PT Colton Schmidt UC Davis

OG Sean Davies UC Davis

DC David James Weber State


The top prospect is obviously SBU RB Miguel Maysonet but CSU CB Charles James is one to watch as a likely free agent.

TE David Duran Coastal Carolina

OH Kenny Little Gardner-Webb

OC Aaron Lundy Liberty

RS Kevin Fogg Liberty

OH Miguel Maysonet Stony Brook

WO Kevin Norrell Stony Brook


As usual the league is loaded with prospects. JMU OG Earl Watford, UNH DT Jared Smith, ODU LB Craig Wilkins, Richmond S Cooper Taylor and TE Kevin Finney along with William & Mary CB B.W. Webb are the top rated from this group. I think Webb, Watford, and Smith will have great pro careers. Towson and ODU have the most prospects with a chance to make a NFL team.

IB Paul Worrilow Delaware

SS Ricky Tunstall Delaware

OH Donald Russell Georgia State

OG Earl Watford James Madison

PT David Skahn James Madison

H-back Brian Barlow James Madison

OG Josh Spearin Maine

DC Darlos James Maine

OG Chris Howley Maine

OB Donte Dennis Maine

DT Jared Smith New Hampshire

DC Dontra Peters New Hampshire

OB Matt Evans New Hampshire

OB Craig Wilkins Old Dominion

PT Jonathan Plisco Old Dominion

DT Chris Burnette Old Dominion

FS Carvin Powell Old Dominion

WO Nick Mayers Old Dominion

SS Devon Simmons Old Dominion

TE Kevin Finney Richmond

SS Cooper Taylor Richmond

FB Kendall Gaskins Richmond

FS Jordan Dangerfield Towson

OB Frank Beltre Towson

OB Romale Tucker Towson

WO Thomas "Tom" Ryan Towson

QB Grant Enders Towson

WO Norman White Villanova

SS Eric Loper Villanova

SS Ronnie Akins Villanova

DC William "B.W." Webb William & Mary

SS Brian Thompson William & Mary


The Ivy League has four prospects who stand out among the group including Cornell OL J.C. Tretter and WR Luke Tasker, Harvard FB Kyle Juszczyk, and Princeton DT Mike Catapano. I expect Juszczyk and Tretter to be the only for sure draft picks.

DC A.J. Cruz Brown

OB Josh Martin Columbia

OG Joseph "JC" Tretter Cornell

WO Luke Tasker Cornell

WO Michael Reilly Dartmouth

FB Kyle Juszczyk Harvard

OG John Collins Harvard

QB Colton Chapple Harvard

OH Treavor Scales Harvard

PT Jacob Dombrowski Harvard

DE Mike Catapano Princeton

OB Andrew Starks Princeton

OB William "Will" McHale Yale


The top prospects in this league have gone under the radar for the most part outside of Howard LB Keith Pough. Don't forget South Carolina S Jakar Hamilton and FAMU duo of WR Travis Harvey and LB Brandon Hepburn. While Hepburn could end up being the only prospect drafted from this league it would not surprise to see four selected.

OT Nail Muradymov Delaware State

WO Justin Wilson Delaware State

QB Nick Elko Delaware State

IB Brandon Hepburn Florida A&M

WO Travis Harvey Florida A&M

FB Jeremiah Schwartz Hampton

OB Keith Pough Howard

DC DeCarlos Knight Howard

WO Xavier Boyce Norfolk State

OH Mike Mayhew North Carolina A&T

NT John Drew North Carolina Central

FS Jakar Hamilton South Carolina State

OG Sam Hammond South Carolina State


There are a ton of prospects in this league. Illinois State and UNI both have a lot of names on the radar. Illinois State DE Nate Palmer and YSU OG Lamar Mady are the best of the group as there are no elite small school prospects but a lot of good free agents.

OB Nathan "Nate" Palmer Illinois State

FS Benjamin "Ben" Ericksen Illinois State

WO Tyrone Walker Illinois State

OB Evan Frierson Illinois State

QB Matthew "Matt" Brown Illinois State

OB Mike Zimmer Illinois State

OH Darrelynn Dunn Illinois State

IB Ben Obaseki Indiana State

OG Randy Richards Missouri State

TE Matthew "Matt" Thayer Missouri State

DC Andre Martin Jr. North Dakota State

OT Misha Danilov Northern Iowa

OT Tim Sauer Northern Iowa

FS Wilmot Wellington Northern Iowa

RS Carlos Anderson Northern Iowa

DC J.J. Swain Northern Iowa

PT Cole Zwiefolhofer South Dakota

WO Aaron Rollin South Dakota State

DE Kenneth Boatright Southern Illinois

OB Jayson DiManche Southern Illinois

DT Kayon Swanson Southern Illinois

OC Andrew Robiskie Western Illinois

OG Lamar Mady Youngstown State

OH Jamaine Cook Youngstown State

H-back Will Shaw Youngstown State

OC Mark Pratt Youngstown State

OT David "D.J." Main Youngstown State


There are really no draftable prospects this year but a few likely free agents. Monmouth and Albany both had a lot of NFL traffic in the fall.

Josh Buchanan has covered the draft and/or worked for all-star games while providing content directly to NFL teams since 2003. He has worked as an SID and/or scout for the Las Vegas All-American Classic, Magnolia Gridiron Classic, and Texas vs. Nation Game while in college. He has been a regular contributor to Phil Steele,,, and others over the last decade. Follow Josh on Twitter: @Joshbdraft

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