Hill's knee much better, Holmes at practice

After knee surgery in December, second year wideout Stephen Hill experienced significant swelling following practice at minicamp last week. Find out what Gang Green's young gun had to say about his nagging injury and whether it will impact his participation in practice moving forward.

Stephen Hill's 2012 regular season was cut short after he had the LCL in his left knee surgically repaired. For the fans scoring at home, the LCL is the Lateral Collateral Ligament and is responsible for stabilizing the knee, outside of the joint.

With a damaged LCL, Hill struggled with making cuts in his routes and lateral movements after the catch.

Previously, he has experienced some swelling but he insists there is not much need for concern.

"It's definitely gone down," said Hill of the swelling in his knee. "We just made sure we taped it up a little bit, make sure everything's stable, no swelling's going to happen today."

There was also a level of concern as to whether or not there was fluid in his knee. The buzz around New York's fan-base was spreading like wildfire but the Jets' receiver quickly shot that presumption when he spoke to reporters this week.

"No, no," said Hill of reports there could be fluid in his knee. "They were just making sure for precaution."

So with the Jets medical staff tending to Hill's knee, his teammates and coaches is stepping in to provide some support for him in other ways.

Santonio Holmes has been in Hill's corner since day one, when the Jets drafted the 6-foot-4, 215 pound receiver out of Georgia Tech. "He has been a 100 percent support system (for me) since last year," said Hill of Holmes' precense on the sidelines." "He's been a great support system, just like Coach Sanjay (Lal) and Coach Mornhinweg just making sure they're coaching us up as much as they can."

Holmes has taken a leadership role in the locker room, providing guidance for his fellow receivers.

"He has been teaching us stuff (about) off the field issues and on the field issues," mentioned Hill. "Just making sure that we're staying into it if we're not practicing, making sure we're still in it mentally since we can't be out there physically."

With the support from his veteran teammates, coaches, and the medical staff, Hill's knee should not be any concern for Jets fans moving forward.

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