Idzik talks Goodson, Garrard's retirement

With one free agent signing announcing his retirement last month and the other facing drugs and weapons charges, general manager John Idzik is already under the microscope in the Big Apple.

In just his short tenure as New York Jets general manager John Idzik has had a his share of ups and downs.

For starters, recently signed running back Mike Goodson faces drugs and weapons charges stemming from an incident in May where he was found highly intoxicated and in possession of an illegal handgun in an SUV that was parked in the middle of Interstate 80 in Denville, New Jersey.

Not exactly an outstanding start for New York's front office.

Idzik explains that his team did its due diligence, but some events and decisions cannot be predicted.

"We do our homework with respect to medical concerns", insisted Idzik of personnel decisions. "We do our homework in respect to background checks and all that. We're in a human business, so when you're dealing with that there's unpredictability. There's always going to be a certain degree of risk or unpredictability with what we do, and we like to believe, based on the information we gather, we take calculated chances with players, with people and with employees, (but) at the end of the day, we're going to get the type of people that we feel can help us."

In light of Goodson's legal issues, Idzik didn't guarantee his playing status moving forward.

"Mike Goodson is a New York Jet," said Idzik. "So, we're continuing to develop him like all the others."

"There are certainly no guarantees in the National Football League. But the legal situation, we just let it run its course and we respond accordingly, the same way with the league, the same way with the club. We'll let things take their course."

Following Goodson's arrest, recently inked veteran quarterback David Garrard announced that he was retiring from football because of chronic knee problems. With two of Idzik's free agent signings going awry, the New York media had a field day.

"I don't know if it's taken aback," said Idzik of Garrard hanging up his cleats. "It's more, when you have a player that's been out, he had the knee injury and coming off that, hadn't had a chance to practice for any length of time, hadn't been through game situations, so really hadn't tested it. We both knew, we meaning the Jets and David, we both knew that there was the unknown there."

Despite Garrard's retirement and Goodson's legal matter, Idzik is pleased with the improvement Gang Green has made to its roster this offseason.

"I think our fans have seen that this offseason, some of the moves we've made, going through the draft, the post-draft, now getting into minicamp practices," noted Idzik. "You're going to have your learning curve so to speak. I think we've made real progress. The team certainly feels it. We feel it. I trust that our fans will see that too."

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