Mark Sanchez's last stand

As New York Jets' fans growing impatient with struggling quarterback Mark Sanchez, it's sink or swim time for No. 6 this summer. Find out whether Sanchez's best is good enough to beat out a fast improving rookie in Geno Smith.

When the 2013 Draft came to Radio City Music Hall this past April, New York Jets fans were clamoring for a player to challenge Mark Sanchez for the starting quarterback job. Of course it came in the second round as the Jets drafted Geno Smith from West Virginia and already, a real competition at training camp is underway.

Even though Rex Ryan contends its an open competition throughout the preseason, it feels like Mark Sanchez is going to win and keep his job as the Jets No. 1 guy. To be honest the way this season is looking on paper, fans are already ruling out a possible trip to the playoffs even though Sanchez and Ryan will tell you something else.

But even with this roster that is not potent enough on offense, you know very well that the boo birds will come out against Sanchez and Ryan if changes aren't going to be made. While the moments from last season are still fresh on the minds of every Jets fan, it's up to Sanchez to prove them wrong and that he can be that starting quarterback he was when he was drafted out of USC. Yes there has been regression and there is also plenty of blame to go around for this regression.

Of course it's on Sanchez, but it's also on Ryan who was blind to the problems that were building after the second season of his Jets coaching tenure. But now with Marty Mornhinweg as the offensive coordinator coming over from the Eagles, maybe he can salvage Sanchez's once promising career.

But will it be enough?

The truth of the matter is that the rookie Smith is ready to go whether he is knowledgeable about the playbook or not. The former Mountaineer standout is very confident and the reason he never went to Sanchez Jets West Camp is to compete and attempt to take the job away from No. 6. But this season will depend on what Rex Ryan will do in year five and how he will handle everything with a new staff and a squad that could be undermanned when Darrell Revis returns with the Tampa Buccaneers to MetLife stadium for the season opener.

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