Stephen Hill: Still working on perfection

The 2012 regular season was anything but 'perfect' for New York Jets top target Stephen Hill, who battled a nagging knee injury throughout the year. Find out how Hill plans to bounce back in a big way this upcoming season.

Following a rollercoaster rookie season, wideout Stephen Hill is looking to a level of consistency in 2013. A case of the drops and a knee injury hindered his production last season and ultimately curtailed his 2012 campaign. But when he was healthy and focused Hill showed his metal especially in last season's home opener against the Buffalo Bills.

But unfortunately the negatives really outweighed the positives, because when Santonio Holmes suffered his Lisfranc injury, the Jets leaned on a rookie wide receiver to handle the majority of the workload.

With the NFL preseason just around the corner, Hill needs to correct a lot of mistakes and that means staying healthy and ending the problems of dropping passes from either Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith.

"Camp is going well." said Hill, "Still have a lot of things to clean up. Still working on perfection. Other than that, we're doing a great job."

It sounds nice, but to be honest that's not what you want to hear as a Jets fan. While it was fantastic to bring back Braylon Edwards into the fold while the Jets wait for Holmes to fully recover from his foot injury, Hill is going to have to make sure these mistakes end right away when week one rolls around.

Jeremy Kerley will be that third down receiver after having two solid years under his belt. It sounds like Clyde Gates will be helping out as well. But if Stephen Hill is going to be considered a true threat on offense for the Jets, he needs some success in training camp to build his confidence.

"Need to make sure I'm getting better every single day," Hill admitted. "Not making the same mistakes over and over again. Also helping the guys that are around me and asking questions from them because they might know something I don't. Having Braylon (Edwards) and his experience, (as well as) Santonio's (Holmes) experience, it's definitely been helping a lot."

Learning from two pros that have had success in this league will definitely give Hill a chance to improve his game. But he has to take every word from those two to heart if he wants to remain in this league and be a real threat in the AFC East.

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