Opinion: Anti-Jet sentiment prevails camp

The New York Jets have been the punching bag for the media over the past couple of seasons, but find out where the line should be drawn at 2013 training camp.

As we get ready for another season of New York Jets football, the local and national media is over at Cortland University in Cortland, NY to see how training camp has been progressing for Rex Ryan's group and it's apparent that the offense isn't at the level of where the team was in 2009 and 2010.

Reports coming from former NFL players now analysts for the NFL Network Brian Baldinger and former New York Giant Sean O'Hara.

These two football experts are either at Jets training camp or in the NFL Network studios trying to assess the way the Jets are going into training camp with new players from the draft, new free agents as well as the current players or old Jets players return to the team from other sides in the NFL.

O'Hara's commentary about the Jets' offense was "An anemic passing offense.", but when he was finishing his segment he later said "We don't know what we are going to see when the games are played."

Such a generalized quality of describing what the problems are for the Jets is neither accurate or descriptive.

Then there is Brian Baldinger who is at Jets training camp. He gives a solid and accurate description of what's going on in the quarterback competition. Baldinger is giving praise to how Geno Smith is competing against Mark Sanchez and that is very assuring, but when he gets to the negatives it's about gassers.

Really? Gassers? Something that is absolutely inaccurate and not a real issue is making the viewers outside and inside the Jets fan base go crazy. Wind sprints to finish off a day of practice for Geno Smith who is in his very first NFL training camp is picking on the kid for the wrong reasons.

This shows me that Baldinger is looking for something negative to tag Geno Smith on and it's making something a nothing situation.

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