Santonio Holmes still day-to-day

After s second surgery to repair his Lisfranc Injury, wide receiver Santonio Holmes is still uncertain of his return to the practice field.

In Week 4 of the 2012 season, veteran wide receiver Santonio Holmes went down with a Lisfranc injury. On his way back to health, Holmes has taken the slow road in rehabbing his foot; causing people to think that he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get onto the field.

Gang Green's leading receiver the past few seasons has yet to practice with the team. Santonio Holmes has been busy rehabilitating his foot at training camp. After enduring multiple offseason surgeries to repair a severe Lisfranc injury, Holmes is unsure of his return, stating that he is "getting better" and that his progress is "still day-to-day."

Along his long road back to the field, Holmes has made progress working out in the pool, riding the bike, and working on an anti-gravity treadmill. New York's top receiving target is often seen at practice riding on a stationary bike, while the team runs drills.

Even with the steady progress, he says the only thing he can't really do at the moment, is run. When asked what the next step of his rehab was, Holmes was unsure and stating that he's "going with the trainers steps." Santonio is literally taking his rehab day-to-day, not knowing what his next task will be.

After never having sustained a serious injury before in his NFL career, Holmes is new to the process of rehab. He claims that he is still getting used to the process and is listening intently to what the Jets' trainers have to say and that "it's a day-to-day process that I have to understand." Being the "second veteran" as Holmes calls himself, poking fun at his elder teammate and fellow receiver Braylon Edwards, Santonio has not missed a mental rep. The 29-year-old has been "watching the mistakes that these guys are making and correcting them and writing them down for myself, so (that) I don't have these setbacks in route running."

He also has been paying close attention of two of his younger teammates, Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill; "I know (Jeremy) Kerley has definitely stepped up into a big role. Stephen Hill is making significant progress."

The other day at practice, Holmes was seen running. After his training, Holmes quickly silenced any buzz.

"I probably took about eight steps in between all of that so I don't consider that as running."

Also, Holmes was able to plant and come back to the ball during practice. He said that this was part of his progress and that he's taking things at a slow pace, day-to-day. Since he has been taking his time rehabbing and mellowing his progress, Holmes has caught flak from fans, saying that he isn't trying to push his rehab and that he is milking his injury. When asked if the acquisitions bother him, Santonio simply said "no comment."

However, he looks to ramp up his progress and continue to make progress every day, in hopes to return to play on Week 1 at MetLife Stadium against the Tampa Bay Bucs.

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