Jets' Holmes: No excuses for dropped passes

Gang Green's best receiver, Santonio Holmes, has been working his way back onto the field, taking his time to get back to top form. After only a few snaps in the season opener, Holmes saw significant time in Week 2 against New England. If the veteran is back to 100%, he will provide more consistent hands for the struggling receiving corps.

Once again, dropped passes have continued to form a dark cloud over the Jets' receivers in Week 2. Help appeared to be on the way when Santonio Holmes took the field to replace the injured Jeremy Kerely in last week's game. Does this mean that the veteran is back to 100% and ready to reclaim his role as the No. 1 receiving role?

Not exactly.

Given the situation of last week's increased playing time, Santonio was asked if he thought there was a chance he would play as much as he did against New England:

"I think based on (Jeremy) Kerely's injury we had to go with what we had, noted Holmes. "We had many opportunities with the defense forcing a lot of three and outs on the Patriots, that there was a chance I'd played a lot. We just had to play what we had in order to give ourselves a chance to win the ball game."

Injuries and inconsistent play have plagued the Jets' receivers thus far, proving Holmes' great value.

After getting the highest grade from the coaching staff following his Week 1 performance, Holmes is still at the top of the Jets' receiving class.

"Still the same, highest grade for the receivers, in terms of effort and production," noted Holmes. "I think it was pretty good, but we'll find out a lot of things that can be corrected and need to be worked on as far as my game goes. Those are some of the things we talk about and try to contribute to working on those things through a week of practice."

One thing that has to be corrected for all of Gang Green's receivers has to be catching the ball. This seems to be an ongoing problem from last season, continuing to hurt the Jets' in crucial moments.

"The main thing is to just stay focused on the football," Holmes offered. "That is the most important part of our job as wide receivers, to stay focused on the football, to not take your eyes off it, (or) to make a move up field before you get the catch. That's the biggest key for any guy, in any particular position, is to continue to watch the ball all the way through the catch. Like Coach Sanjay (Lal) says all the time, eyes to the tuck. When you take your eyes down to the tuck, you are guaranteed to catch and hold on to the ball."

The concept of catching the ball seems to be simple, and with the coaching staff preaching to the young receiving corps to hold onto the football, there shouldn't be any mistakes. But in the NFL, everything happens so fast, causing young receivers to lose focus in the heat of the moment. This is not an excuse according to Holmes:

"This is the NFL. There should be no excuses to be made for anybody at this point in time. Up on this level, you should be at your best every day, whether it's practice or in a game."

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