Edwards miffed at Jets

After a sloppy and sluggish morning practice, the Jets finally saw the angry side of usually upbeat coach Herman Edwards, who expected his players to pick up the pace considerably for the afternoon session.

Even nice guys have a breaking point. The Jets caused Herman Edwards to reach his on Tuesday morning.

In their first full practice since Saturday's spotty 20-10 loss to Atlanta, the Jets were sloppy and slow on both sides of the ball. "He was really upset with the way the team practiced, and rightfully so," Vinny Testaverde said. "It was the first time [Edwards got mad] and he got the attention of the players. I know he got my attention."

"Everyday there's going to be some mistakes made," Edwards said. "But when there are some being made that are elementary, a lot of that is focus."

Edwards was most displeased with strong safety Nick Ferguson, who was flagged for a late hit on Wayne Chrebet three days after he was penalized twice for late hits against Atlanta. "No player's worth 30 yards in penalties," Edwards said. "If you do it in a practice, you'll do it in a game, and you'll feel sorry and you'll say ‘I didn't mean it,' but it's 15 yards."

Edwards said some of the mistakes and lethargy might be a result of younger players feeling overwhelmed by all the information they've learned so far, so he planned to simplify the afternoon practice. "Things are starting to run together for them, which generally they do in training camp," Edwards said. "The best thing to do is just to cut back so they can function."

Whatever the reason for the Jets' malaise Tuesday, Edwards and his players hope it was an aberration and not a trend. "There's going to be one day where this kind [of thing happens]," Ferguson said, referring to the Jets as a whole. "And today was that day."

NO URGENCY YET TO SIGN GORDON: The Jets' punt return game is in serious need of help, but the Jets seem in no rush to sign Darrien Gordon even though the free agent had a tryout with Atlanta Monday. Edwards said he expected the Jets to stay with the status quo for this week's game against Baltimore and again hinted he might be content to wait and see who might become available during roster cutdowns later this month.

"There's some guys we looked at that are on other teams that have a possibility of not making that team that we would be interested in," Edwards said.

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