Sanchez, Smith exchange hugs after big win

The overtime win for Gang Green against the Patriots was just another notch in the old belt for Geno Smith. Overcoming adversity and finishing the game with great numbers, Smith seemed to earn great respect from his teammates and fans. The respect between both Mark Sanchez and Smith is most noticeable as they exchanged hugs after the big win.

Gang Green's 30-27 overtime win against the divisional rivals New England Patriots on Sunday, came with a huge performance by rookie quarterback Geno Smith. After the jubilation of beating the Pats at home, Smith was seen speaking to and hugging Mark Sanchez, in celebration following the overtime thriller. The relationship between the former starting quarterback, Sanchez, and the new starter for New York, Smith, is respected and paramount to the former West Virginia star's early success.

"I talked to Mark after the game," Smith said. "He just congratulated me and we exchanged hugs. It's pretty much what we do every single game." "We talk before the game and we go over things, usually about the footwork and reads. He always wishes me well. It's good to have a guy like Mark on my side."

The rookie signal-caller overcame adversity once again this season after throwing an 80 yard pick-six to Logan Ryan. Smith's 11th interception on the season did not carrying any long-term effects, as he continued to put the play behind him and rally his Jets to the win. His ability to move on from big mistakes, like his pick-six to Ryan, does not represent the stereotypical mindset of a rookie.

"I mean for one, it wasn't the end of the game and it's not the end the world. Those things happen," Smith said in regards to putting mistakes behind him. "I think the best (test) of the type of player you are is the way you move on from those mistakes and the way you respond. I'm always the type of guy that, I don't want to make any mistakes but if I ever do I try to come back, respond and be better. That's just the mentality I take every time."

The Jets second round draft pick, and the undoubted leader of Gang green, finished the game with a spread of 17 of 33 for 233 yards, a touchdown, and a pick-six. No/ 7 also ran six times for 32 yards, scoring a touchdown on an 8 yard scramble in the third quarter.

In the wake of the big win, Smith reflected on the game but did not take long to get back to business.

"Yesterday was a great day for us. We were able to celebrate a little bit but today I got into the office about eight this morning," noted Smith. "I saw 10 to 20 guys in there, everyone was still preparing for another tough week. We had a good time but we're able to move on from this victory fast and start preparing for another week."

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