Colon: 'Lack of detail' causing inconsistency

New York Jets offensive lineman Willie Colon spoke candidly about what the Jets need to do to become a good team. Read what he has to say about the Jets weaknesses and how improving on them can lead to a winning streak.

The only thing consistent about the 2013 New York Jets is that they're inconsistent. The inability to string together consecutive wins can be attributed to several things, but according to one player it is based around the little things.

"I think it's just a lack of detail," noted offensive lineman Willie Colon. "I think coming off wins, we're excited, we're happy, obviously. I think we just have to have a little more focus in practice, " said offensive guard Willie Colon. "(We need to) have a better understanding it's just a win, good teams stack wins. Our preparation is huge going into another week."

The little things can best be summarized by the team's propensity of committing untimely penalties and losing the turnover battle. Gang Green is ranked in the bottom half of the league in penalties and has committed too many pre-snap penalties, which have stymied drives.

Colon helped lead the offensive line on Sunday against the Patriots by winning the battle in the trenches during overtime; giving Nick Folk the field position he needed to kick the game winning field goal. That type of focus is what Colon is emphasizing in practice and finds integral for the Jets if they want to become a great team.

"Our offense is coming together slowly, (which) is great news for us. Like I said yesterday, it's a great win," said Colon. "It's important for us to stack another one," said Colon. "It's important for us to really put this game in the rearview and really get going on a solid week of preparation."

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