Geno looks to rebound from an uneven outing

The New York Jets have yet to establish any type of consistency so far this season and their rookie quarterback is enduring hos own highs and lows through the first half of the 2013 season.

The last time the New York Jets played a game where they allowed over 40 points was on that road at Gillette Stadium where they were essentially embarrassed as Mark Sanchez got destroyed all over the field on a Monday night in 2010.

After a performance like that, Rex Ryan decided to burn the game film, bury the game ball and work hard the next week to prepare for their next opponent. But for a rookie quarterback like Geno Smith you wonder how his psyche is and if this performance against the Bengals could derail him into a slump?

So far you would have to say that he has enough balance from within that he can handle the problems in front of him and he's ready to go back to work.

"It's going to be another challenge (against the Saints), noted the Jets' rookie quarterback. "That's been a week-to-week thing for us. Every single game has been a tough challenge for us."

When the Jets came back to the Atlantic Health training center in Florham Park, you wonder if Smith was listening to what Rex had to say to the team.

"Rex stood before the team and told us that, quite honestly, we didn't get it done," noted Smith. "The best thing for us to do is to learn from it, to move on from it and come back and respond."

You wonder as well after a terrible performance like that if he has watched the game tapes by himself or with a member of the coaching staff.

"I watched it with Coach (David) Lee and I just wanted to talk over some things that we saw in the game and basically just kind of put it behind us," noted Smith. "Some (tape review) and then move on from it."

So at the moment Jets fans can feel good that Smith hasn't lost his cool or his confidence when he returns to the training facility after a tough loss like the one he just experienced on the road in Cincinnati against a side that is becoming a powerhouse in the AFC North.

But if you really think about the way the Jets have been performing, most fans would sign up for a 4-4 record at this point in the season. Even though it's been a win one, lose one trend, it has been a bit tiresome to see these types of performances from the Jets, but when you were ranked No. 32 by the start of the season by the NFL media you start to see that the Jets are on course to becoming a good team.

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