Kellen Winslow back from P.E.D. suspension

The New York Jets offense will get a boost on Sunday in Buffalo as tight end Kellen Winslow returns from his P.E.D suspension.

The bye week has officially come and gone with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeating the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football as well as earning their first win of the 2013 season, but that means it's time for the Jets to go back to work and continue to make a statement in the NFL.

Of course a major part of that is having tight end Kellen Winslow back from his four game suspension for his P.E.D. usage, which sounds like he was tagged with a false positive as he admitted that an allergy pill he took was the reason for his suspension.

But with the team all rested and ready for action to take a trip to Western New York and face the Buffalo Bills for the second time this season, it sounds like Winslow is ready to face a Bills side that is dead last in the AFC East and he's happy to be back on the field as well.

"It felt good. It felt good just to run around a little bit and be back with my team," said Winslow, "I'm ready to go, we're going to peak at the right time. Guys are coming back healthy, including myself, so we're excited."

Of course the stakes are a lot higher now as the Jets are trying to secure consecutive wins for the first time this season and at the same time they have a playoff spot on the line.

"I think it's important for us to win all the games," noted Winslow. "To place ourselves for the playoffs (we have to) take it one game at a time, but that's our goal, make the playoffs and go from there. I don't see why we can't win them all though."

With seven games to go the Jets really need every single healthy and able body in all positions on both sides of the ball to go out and perform at the best of their abilities, this game at Orchard Park, NY is the most important game of the season. Gang Green is focused on taking care of business now and then worrying about the next game later.

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