Geno Smith: No positives after loss to Bills

Geno Smith and the New York Jets offense struggled mightily in Week 11 against the Buffalo Bills and the rookie quarterback told reporters he can take 'nothing positive' from Sunday's performance.

It was another bad game for the New York Jets on the road. It's even worse when it's against a divisional opponent who is dead last and has no realistic shot for the playoffs and has been plagued with so many injuries and so many bad decisions. Even with the odds in their favor, the Jets found a way to be disappointing and horrible.

The offense couldn't do anything and behind center is once again a rookie quarterback in Geno Smith who couldn't move the offense into position to either get close to the end zone or into the end zone. But while the Jets have put themselves into position for something great, they have also put themselves into position for something terrible.

So after another poor road performance was there anything in the game film that Smith could take some comfort in?

"None of them, nothing," said Smith. "We lost bad and a lot of those mistakes were on me. So, the positive thing is we have another day, we have room to get better and we have another game ahead of us that we can look forward to."

Even if the Bills aren't a top team in the AFC, you still can't allow a top player like a Jairus Byrd to take advantage of poor throws and poor decisions to pick you off and allow his offense to take advantage of the situation.

"It's one of those learning experiences. There are certain guys in the league that can do that, not every guy does. He is definitely one of them. He made two tremendous play and (they were) poor decisions on my part. That's something I have to clean up on my end when it comes to those mistakes."

But while these problems have come up week in and week out for Geno Smith, does he feel like he has regressed after eleven weeks in his rookie season?

"No I don't (think) I am, I don't think statistics tell every single thing, every part of the story," admitted Smith. "I don't want my stats to look like that. (I) don't want to play like that. But I've gotten better. I've become a smarter player. I've just made poor decisions in some situations in games."

You can tell that Geno is a very confident player and he is aware that he has brought the Jets to big victories as well as some very difficult defeats. Being 1-4 on the road is definitely one problem the Jets have and will have again, when they go to Baltimore next week. But I still have to say that Geno Smith has done a decent job as a rookie quarterback in this league.

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