Willie Colon downplays Dave & Buster's fiasco

The New York Jets caught some flak from the New York media after they decided to go Dave and Buster's on Saturday night. Is that the main reason they played so poorly on Sunday?

The New York Jets won't attribute the beat down they suffered on Sunday as the fault of a trip to Dave and Buster's the night before, even if it is "the most fun you can have under one roof". That fun didn't last much into Sunday, though as the team lost 37-14.

"I'm not going to seek excuses," right guard Willie Colon said. "We're pros. Rex wanted us to stay together. We're trying to build team camaraderie. It had nothing to do with our actions today on the field."

The tabloids in New York started a whirlwind of chaos when it was reported that Ryan had informed the team that they would go to Dave and Buster's on Saturday night instead of going to team meetings. Reports by the New York Post stated that the trip gave motivation to players and that head coach Doug Marrone used the decision as fuel for his players.

Bills' defensive lineman Mario Williams stated that he takes his nephews to Dave and Buster's.. The decision didn't seem to stir up emotions from the Bills, but would it really matter if it did?

"It wouldn't mean nothing to me because you still have to play football," Colon said. "I don't care who we're going against. If they go and see the Empire State Building, that's them. If it was for them (motivation for the Bills), it is. But I'm saying if it was done to me, it wouldn't motivate me no different (than) if they were in the hotel."

The Jets started slow from the get-go, allowing the Bills to score the first 20 points of the contest and had four turnovers on the game, all from quarterback Geno Smith. The defense didn't play much better, allowing two touchdown passes of over 30 yards.

"Whatever motivation they used, if they feel like that was motivation, then fine. We beat ourselves today. They didn't beat us. The bottom line is, when you step into people's houses and you're not on your A game, you're going to get your tails kicked. We weren't on our A game, so that's what happened."

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