Geno Smith not a believer in 'growing pains'

It was arguably Geno Smith's worst passing performance as a pro, but the rookie signal-caller refused to blame Sunday's 19-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on growing pains.

For the first time this season the New York Jets have finally dropped two consecutive contests as Geno Smith was pounded every single time he handed the ball off to a running back and barely got anything going.

"I didn't do enough, didn't get the job done," said Smith postgame. "We didn't score a touchdown, so that's never good. Just didn't do enough. We've got to figure out ways to just get better and to put points on the board. It's pretty simple. We need to score touchdowns and put points on the board."

But what's even worse about this bad performance was the game plan that both Rex Ryan and Marty Mornhinweg used to get Smith into performing it. Sadly the Jets just couldn't adapt or execute this game plan against a Ravens side that is fighting for their playoff spot.

"I don't like to call them growing pains," said the rookie of his struggles. "I don't make any excuses for anything. I fully expect myself, rookie or not, to go out there and perform. They're just mistakes that I've got to correct."

No matter how many times the Jets tried to run the ball, it was the Ravens that kept stacking 8 to 9 men in the box to prevent any run to attack their end zone. And while the Jets did have a turnover free game for most of the time, when they decided to let Smith throw the ball, he was picked off twice but the game was already in hand by that time.

Statistically you could say so," said Smith of whether Sunday was his worst outing of the year. "But even with not performing the way that I expect to, fully expect to, I've gotten better, I've grown, I've learned from every single mistake and I've had opportunities to grow up and in many cases I have."

Eight times the Jets went three and out and the Ravens learned after the Jets' second possession of the first half that they had to adjust and prevent the Jets from running the ball all the day long.

New York's passing game was non-existent and it was a very poor day for the wide receivers as they made ten catches out of 24 attempts along with some several drops by some sure-handed players like David Nelson and Santonio Holmes.

"The one to David (Nelson), I should've put the ball out there further, gave him a better chance to get that one," said Smith of the first of his two interceptions. "And then the second one, the guy was open and if I drive the ball on him, I think he scores on that one, but I kind of left it hanging and (the) defensive (back) made a great play."

But at the end of the day it's the offensive coordinator, the head coach as well as the quarterback that just didn't make the right calls as well as executing the plays that were called and while it's nice that Smith is taking responsibility for his drab play, sooner than later it won't be enough.

"We had plenty of opportunities in that game," admitted Smith. "Many times we didn't get it done. Sometimes we did, but when it's there, the great ones make the play and we've got to make those plays."

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